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Mechanics for speed dating

As music, the technical patterns are boring — up and down, back and forth, crossing and uncrossing, stretching and shifting.But they're necessary to develop a foundation of muscle memory and motor skills, as well as the habits of mind and of practice you will need as you gain proficiency and advance to building the finer and finer skills of musicianship.

In other words, technical proficiency is necessary, but not sufficient to become a strong and capable musician. Beyond technique, there are concepts to master — harmony, counterpoint, and composition, as well as music history.

This is about mental (and often physical) motor skills. In growing as a pianist, there are conceptual learnings, procedural learnings, and contextual learnings. To play well, you need first to become proficient and fluent technically.

Becoming fluent at some things requires more or less practice for different people, but for most of us, it does require something. That is why there are so many established sets of technical figure exercises: Hanon, Czerny, and many others.

This is the Hanon and Czerny mindset shift on which we are focusing this year: elementary things that we consider from an advanced standpoint.

The order of operations becomes more sophisticated.

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If you don't understand the basics of scales and harmonies and chord progressions in Western music, you will lack the basic musicianship that is required to make sense of the piano repertoire.