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In that moment, the stranger cast off His disguise and all could see Him for what He truly was, the Master of Mankind, come to Nocturne to find His son and to reunite the people with the rest of Humanity.

Vulkan assumed the mantle of Primarch of the XVIII Legion, thereafter called the Salamanders.

With one hand clinging to a rock and the other gripping the tail of his huge prize, Vulkan hung perilously over the surging lava, his mighty strength seeping away after days of trials.

The Salamanders are known to have suffered tragic losses at Istvaan V as one of the so-called "Shattered Legions", though sufficient numbers escaped to save the Legion from extinction.

Records of this age are incomplete at best, and little of the Salamanders' actions or the deeds of their Primarch are preserved.

Upon their return to the settlement the elders declared Vulkan the winner of the contest, for the stranger had returned from the hunt empty-handed.

But it was not the stranger who declared his eternal fealty, but the Primarch who did so, going down on one knee and declaring that a man who valued another's life over his own victory was a man worth serving.

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When the Emperor came to Nocturne to be reunited with His lost son, He chose not to do so with great ceremony as He had in several other cases, and He did not announce His identity, hiding behind an obscuring psychic glamour.