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The JTM-45/ 100 (JTM-100) The JTM-45/100 with the “block” logo Pete Townshend and John Entwistle of The Who needed amps that could overpower the noisy and energetic crowds.Marshall then “hot-rodded” the JTM-45 using four KT66 and two 50w output transformers to handle the extra wattage. The result was the JTM-45/100 (JTM-100, for short).I bought the cab unloaded for 0 several years ago. I am going to venture a guess at '72, with non original grille cloth.That grille cloth is not a standard Marshall grille cloth, unless some cabs slipped out with a very rare cloth between supplies of the regular stuff.Eric Clapton used a JTM-45 combo on the legendary (Now you know why this amp was called “Bluesbreaker” : P) He used his Les Paul through the Normal Channel of the amp. The then “horrible” distorted and saturated sound turned into what we know today as the “rock tone” (maybe not yet… Another example of this amp can be heard on AC/DC’s This is a confusing era, with lots of changes and new models. 😛 The transitition from the JTM to the JMP amps happened, in my view, with three steps.He discovered that, by playing really loud, it would start to “break up”. The first one was the creation of the first 100w amp.Probably one of the earliest cabs with skid trays, but before they added plastic corner protectors. Yeah I would say '72 also...older type tolex, gold piping, and skid trays. It has a checkerboard grill, the thin gold piping but has the later 70's/80's elephant looking tolex.Plastic corners I think came in late '72 early '73. In my experience the metal handles and plywood back disappeared very close to the same time....after the basketweave was discontinued. It has a checkerboard grill, the thin gold piping but has the later 70's/80's elephant looking tolex. It's my favorite cab, I loaded it with Vintage 30's shortly after I bought it. I sent a photo of the grill to Marshall several years ago and they stated that it is obviously not the standard Marshall grill but looks just like something they COULD have used for a very short time in the early 70's. The guy I scored it from was the original owner and claimed the grill was original to the cab, he also had a matching bottom. It also appears to have had corners at some point that I kind of think may have been original.

If you don’t have much experience (myself included, to be honest : P), I recommend asking help from the members here of the community.

FWIW, you can't put much into the serial # on the cab, but the wording of it has me thinking more of a mid 70s type label than a late 60s/early 70s.

If the speakers are original, that's always the best way to date them. It's not a basketweave but cloth that has thin strands of gold weaved in. Unfortunately, the original speakers are long gone. green wash tolex and lack of corner protectors does point to the early 70s.

But it has skid trays, which points to '72-'73 at the earliest.

I agree that it looks somewhat like a basketweave that's painted and/or very dirty, and I can't immediately see any holes indicating that it had corner protectors at some point, but the skid trays don't rhyme with that.

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This is the reason why Marshalls of this early era (up to 1968) are known as “Plexis”.

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