Many different dating websites there

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Many different dating websites there

Of course, Netcraft's survey isn't perfect - there may be websites in the world that were not discovered by Netcraft's software. Dynamically generated sites can have a seemingly infinite number - and we must somehow agree not to count all of these.

So, as of this writing, "there are more than 108 million websites" is the most accurate statement that can be made. Yet most sites just have a few pages introducing a business or a person, or simply a placeholder home page.

Who could possibly tell us how many web pages there are?

There are two obvious candidates: Google and Yahoo, the major search engine companies.

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The web is growing all the time, no one is in charge, and by the time you've counted a tiny fraction of it, many sites have come and gone. Legal Note: yes, you may use sample HTML, Javascript, PHP and other code presented above in your own projects.

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And honestly, who wants a World Wide Web that is so tightly controlled by a central authority that it can be easily measured?

After all, there is no one central "server" that runs all the websites in the world.

Since no one is in charge of the World Wide Web, the question is difficult to answer precisely.

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But fortunately for us, they also count the websites visited by their automatic web-exploring "spider" software.