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The Coles notes version includes late ice-off in May, the highest water levels since the 70’s in June, in July we experienced one of the most wicked wind storms we have ever seen, extreme heat and drought in August which led to evacuation due to wildfire in September. Highlights include a visit from Yamaha Canada who brought a new 25HP 4-stroke motor for us to test out, as well as a couple of their mechanics from Japan.Of course we had to race one of our 25’s; and the four-stroke won by a hair!April 2, 2018 Fishing season is right around the corner and in the lead up we are hoping to stir the excitement with fishing stories and fish recipes.

SK Wildfire Management advised us at 1pm on August 29 th that the Granite fire was becoming an imminent risk, and by the next morning Jan Lake was 100% evacuated.

After several minutes of fighting, the fish finally surfaced. At this point we realized the net was too small so we trolled into shore. If you’ve got a Fish Tale to share, please email us at [email protected] is what happens while you are making other plans, and 2017 has left us with a renewed respect for Mother Nature’s agenda.

It was an incredibly exciting season mostly due to weather events!

May 24, 2017 Ice finally went off the big lake yesterday! The boys are busy building another layer of boardwalk in front of the boathouse as water levels continue to rise. Fish seem to be biting nonetheless around the eight foot depth.

White jigs and silver or gold spoons are yielding good results.

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I started to reel in but the fish held fast, I knew I had something big!