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If I didn't have family to live for and a life I would head down to that area in China, find those fuckers and torture them in the most fucked up way imaginable.muslims slits animals throats (halal) so they can hear em' whisper some shit when they're dying and chinese kill dogs that they can have a meal!!??

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But they'll get their justice some day because god never sleeps...

You can take ya fancy words and send them right back to ya mama, break our foot up ur ass, with our feetie pajamas.

That and do you know how many animals have gone extinct due to European settlers?

But I really hate when people do shit like this, keeping the animal alive just so it can suffer is pretty fucked up and they all deserve to Rot in HELL for it.

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I would MUCH rather watch the humans in this video being slaughtered then the innocent dogs.

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