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In 1995, the company built what would become the prototype for all its future gyms and continued new construction throughout the 90s.

In 2000, the company acquired one of the largest fitness chains in Atlanta and converted 25 locations into 14 larger gyms.

after class did start about 20 mins into she had to go and complain more about me to management..

still I do not back down this is not different them Starbucks last week ..

Here is the comment I made after the cited article, which I’m including here because it pretty much says what I think you should have done!

Why doesn’t this incident have legs like the Starbuck’s incident?

Back when I first started with the company I was approached by Jackie & asked by her if I could do the 5am to 11am shift & she would up my pay from 14 an hour to 16 an hour cause it was an early shift & no one wanted to cover it so I said sure & I was there everyday not absent for one shift.

I’m very upset at what has occurred & what I have witnessed being an employee with LA Fitness & I will be taking this further to be properly investigated. Reply I have just read an online article describing the unacceptable incident in one of your NJ gyms that was posted on Face Book this week [].In my head I was very confused cause I kept track of the days I work & my pay & records of days working didn’t at all match why she was letting me go.So I then requested a record from her of my attendance & she basically stated that HR is aware of what happen & she told me to stop calling her & messenging her. The day before her letting me go I asked her if I needed a couple of days off due to my son having major surgery at the end of May, when should I submit it & then the next day she let’s me go using my personal issues & attendance as a reason which was lies & discrimination.I will be filing a complaint with the Ministry of Labor & The Employment Standards Act.I’m just beside myself that a big company like LA Fitness has the right to treat their employees so awful & unfair.

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