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Live adult vi

In refocusing our catechetical priorities, we will all need to discover new ways of thinking and acting that will vigorously renew the faith and strengthen the missionary dynamism of the Church.

Although the task may seem daunting, we need look back no further than the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults twenty years ago to find a model for success.

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§ 9 § We will share with them the living word of God, which can touch their hearts and minds and unfold the deep meaning of their experience in the light of all that Jesus said and did.

We will trust the capacity of prayer and sacrament to open their eyes to the presence and love of Christ.

For in it we see two adult disciples who, encountering the risen Lord, grow stronger in love, knowledge, commitment, and zeal. [need] to be constantly nourished by the word of God so that they may grow in their Christian life."§ 13 § Such lifelong formation is always needed and must be a priority in the Church's catechetical ministry; moreover, it must "be considered the chief form of catechesis.

As then, today, "Those who are already disciples of Jesus Christ . All the other forms, which are indeed always necessary, are in some way oriented to it."§ 14 § We are well aware that placing ongoing adult faith formation at the forefront of our catechetical planning and activity will mean real change in emphasis and priorities.

In that perspective, the pathway of their lives opened from confusion and despair into conviction and hope, and they began to grasp the height and depth of God's mysterious love. This pastoral plan guides the implementation of this pledge and commitment. Jesus, the Model Teacher§ 7 § The Gospels show how Jesus communicated the Good News. To do their part, adult Catholics must be mature in faith and well equipped to share the Gospel, promoting it in every family circle, in every church gathering, in every place of work, and in every public forum. They must be women and men of prayer whose faith is alive and vital, grounded in a deep commitment to the person and message of Jesus.§ 3 § The Church's pastoral ministry exists to sustain the work of the Gospel.

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In the familiar story of Emmaus (Lk -35) we find the model for this pastoral plan.§ 8 § To be effective ministers of adult faith formation we will first, like Jesus, join people in their daily concerns and walk side by side with them on the pathway of life.

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