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Among those she sampled: ice skating, ballet, piano, embroidery and cross stitch, cake decorating, Brownies, swimming, skiing and golf. By junior high, Mayer danced 35 hours a week and learned "criticism and discipline, poise and confidence" according to her mother.

Other influences figure prominently in her childhood.

While at Stanford she danced in "The Nutcracker" ballet, engaged in parliamentary debate, volunteered at a children's hospital, was involved in bringing computer science education to schools in Bermuda and began teaching her junior year.

She continued on at Stanford for graduate school where friends recall she pulled all-nighters and often appeared in the same clothes she wore the day before.

Her highly competitive nature was apparent in her interview with the : "The more numbers you could memorize, the better off you are.She entered college thinking she'd be a pediatric neurosurgeon, but a required computer course for pre-med students intrigued and challenged her.She decided to study Symbolic Systems which included courses in cognitive psychology, philosophy, linguistics and computer science.She went on to establish the look of Google's interface as a search engine and oversee the development, code-writing, and launch of Gmail, Google Maps, i Google, Google Chrome, Google Health, and Google News.She heavily influenced the company's biggest successes such as Google Earth, Books, Images and more, and she curated Google Doodle, the morphing of the familiar homepage logo into designs and images celebrating special events around the world.

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This design esthetic influenced Mayer's own choices for Google's user interface years later.

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