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It was scary, but I finally put my foot down and chose life.

This would have allowed the singer to record songs outside of her contract until the case is finalized, however, Kornreich stated the filing would require the court to “decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry,” and Ke$ha’s request was denied.Just last week the singer jokingly tweeted, "I'm doing a juice cleanse and want to die."It's comforting to know that even some celebs struggle to drop the pounds!"Kesha's false accusations have caused tremendous damage to Dr. Kesha's recent court filing misstates and misrepresents an expert accountant's calculations of certain revenue that Mr. Like, say, Kelly Clarkson, who says she willingly left millions of dollars on the table just to avoid him? Twitter (and Taylor Swift) responded immediately with support for Ke$ha as she looks to a future of more legal battles, while Dr.Luke — or Lukasz Gottwald, Ke$ha’s current producer and alleged sexual predator — obviously responded with pretty much the direct opposite.

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