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In this article we will look at the most common problems with El Capitan, including problems with Wi-Fi, VPN issues, problems with printer, etc. Also Read: How to Check Virus on Mac When you forgot the password and you can't use OS X, you will need to use the new Recovery with following steps: 1. At the prompt type "resetpassword", then hit enter. If you still have problem with your printer, you can try resetting the printer: 1. If something goes wrong on you Mac/Mac Mini/Mac Book Air, like drives not appearing, Bluetooth problems, Air Port non connecting etc. Press the power button and then press the Command-Option-P-R keys on your keyboard. Many users are suffering the Bluetooth accessories and connectivity problems with El Capitan. To do this, refer to Question 14(Title: How to Reset PRAM). Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) Shut down your computer A number of users have some problems with the Notification Center, primarily El Capitan forgetting the preference settings after a reboot, or notification center not working on Mac El Capitan. Copy and paste each line of these commands into the Terminal window, in order.

Backup the folder "System Configuration" by copying it to your Desktop. Delete the folder as it sits in /Library/Preferences. Try factory resetting (via routers administration panel) or turning your router on and off again. Or access your routers administration panel and try these things: Changing the network frequency from 2.4Ghz to [2.5Ghz or 5Ghz], or from 5Ghz to [2.4Ghz or 2.5Ghz]. Related Reading: How to Clear History on Mac Many times, on Mac OS X El Capitan, you will also encounter that Mac Internet or Wi-Fi is very slow, and Wi-Fi is connected but no internet at all.

In these situations, you can take the following steps. Make sure that you have a good connection from your Mac to the wall outlet by confirming the power cord. If the wall outlet is working and you still have no power, try another power cord or adapter.

Follow the steps to fix the El Capitan Gmail bug in mail app. Open default Mail app on your El Capitan, then from the "Mail" menu and go to "Preferences" option. Go to the "Accounts", and select the email account that has problems, then click on the “Advanced” tab. Find the box named "Automatically detect and maintain account settings". Instead of seeing the Finder, you see a blue or gray screen, an icon of a broken folder, a kernel panic, a flashing question mark, or a computer that just sits there. When there is an error message "Downloaded is damaged and can't be opened" pops up, sometimes this is just a security issue that can be corrected. Go to the Apple icon, and chose System Preferences. Check Security & Privacy settings in General tab under "Allow apps downloaded from". Check the box beside the option of "Mac App store and identified developers" or "Anywhere". You May Like: How to Transfer Music from i Phone Back to Mac Computer Mac OS X security by default does not allow all extensions to be installed.Then go in to the notification settings for each of the apps you want notifications from and make sure sounds and icon badges is turned on. I can't be sure, but I don't think PUSH has anything to do with fetching, so it shouldn't matter if PUSH is off.And really, the fetch schedule can be set to anything except Manual and it should work.

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I could hear the harp sound I assigned to mail 'doing its stuff' all the time with the new mail being added and me hearing the change in the number of new e-mails being displayed on the mail icon.