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Is steve tyrell dating

I felt horribly bad when i watched a video on d holocaust, i just couldn't stop crying. I still cant understand how on earth people could do this to their fellow humans without sympathy. Thanks(::( we learned about this in class and people started crying durning the videos. Many were persecuted in the Holocaust, whether based on nationality, appearance or supposed faults that Hitler decided to focus on. Hitler also persecuted Gypsies, Homosexuals, Handicaps, Mentally Handicaped, and many others.And there was one kid in the video who was like we don't need to learn about it, it happened in the 17th century and another person said they thought the holocaust was a jewish holiday it was a really bad video. The Roma were among those persecuted and lets be realistic, it was because of their nationality, not because they were criminals or untouchable. Hitler wanted to make (he thought they were) Aryans the superior race and he was willing to do just about anything to do that.and i learn this in class and my hearts was drop how they done to them and same thing in the movie of boys in stripe pajamas. Even if you dont beleive in the same things that they do.I felt horribly bad when i watched a video on d holocaust, i just couldn't stop crying. I still cant understand how on earth people could do this to their fellow humans without sympathy. Every time i learn about the holocaust it makes me feel more and more gratefull to be in the centry and not in that time period alos i recamend people to watch paper clips the movie it about a small commmunity makeing a change that has to do with the holocaust. I found one person's comment to be interesting: why did Hitler only torture the Jews and not other people of different nationalties This is a false assumption.why people have to do this thing its so horrible for me.I think some of the solders are burning in hell for what they had done to those people they are just people.they did not do anyhting bad well maybe but not o them those people are just horrible. some of the people in concentration camps are forced to go around and pick up dead people that were shot.

Before taking it I had a slight idea about what happened after taking it I have learned so much about the Holocaust.My dad was there to end this, but he saw this first hand, and it has happened only about ten to twelve years ago. If anything, by killing those people simply because they were of another religion they have given themselves a one-way ticket to their version of hell.We need to learn from our mistakes and soon, otherwise we' ll have another WW. Thinking that by brutally torturing and murdering members of their opposing religion they will somehow reach their version of heaven. And if not, if they somehow actually do reach heaven despite such actions.We are curently being divided again, between racists, and religions again. If those actions are deemed correct then that is just wrong.( I' m only 14 by the way) The truth is ugly and brutile, but we need to remember it and learn from it, othetwise were the same as our enemy. This is exacly why I chose to not have a religion-since religion seem to be the leading factor in wars-it sickens me and I dont want to be part of a religion if religions are constantly starting wars. Tried to escape and they were shot multiple times, beaten, and their bodies sent down the hill with a name tag for there families to be tortured, humiliated and killed...' Huh. How humans can do such horrible things to one another I really do not understand and I never will. Heaven isnt really all that great if reaching it means doing horrible things to others because thats just wrong. Im a very morally strong person with a strong sense of justice and an immense lack of faith in religion.

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we are doing this project where you have to use terms from the Holocaust from A-Z. It is sad I can honestly say but understanding the Holocaust can make you a better person.

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