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Is bristol dating gino

On the web, leading is controlled by the "line-height" CSS feature, though browsers don't always interpret it consistently.While CSS troubleshooting is outside the scope of the article, try setting it as a unit-less multiplier, rather than a fixed size or percentage, if it gives you trouble.As such, it's useful for specifying dynamic measurements linked to text size, as on websites designed for multiple devices and screen sizes.It's also good for determining the proper indent for a block of text, with 13 em being standard.It has default values that are attuned to the font's intended size or use, although it can be adjusted through the judicious use of tracking, which increases or decreases the overall spacing between letters in a text.Tight spacing usually benefits large types, but it has a subjective feeling ("fast talking like in advertising") whereas wider spacing increases legibility of small fonts, and creates an association of a more objective voice.So for a typesetter working with metal type, a typeface would be Times New Roman, a font family within it would be Times New Roman demi-bold, and a font within that would be 12-point Times New Roman demi-bold.Since the advent of digital media, the term font has largely taken over, particularly since outline fonts can be scaled to any size.

Leading is usually indicated by the total distance between the top of the bounding box on one line to the top of the next; so "12 on 14" or "12/14" refers to 12-point type with two extra points of line-space, taking up the equivalent vertical space of 14-point type from the top of one line to the next.True Type was made by Microsoft and Apple to compete with Post Script and a bitmap font is not needed.(Microsoft and Adobe eventually made the similar Open Type format as a replacement for True Type.) It also uses a different way of doing curves than Post Script.While pixel density has increased exponentially over the decades, a decision by Microsoft eons ago (back in The '90s) to make the assumption of 96 pixels per inch (as opposed to Apple's usual assumption of 72 ppi) means that the px measurement can reliably be used to generate type in units of 1/96 of (what the viewport assumes as equivalent to) an inch, making it useful across platforms and devices.By this assumption, a font on the web set at a given number of pixels is generally the same as the same type displayed in a word processor at ¾ that numerical size in points.

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With digital type, it is also possible to have "negative" leading (i.e., lines being closer together than their vertical height would normally allow); this can look good in display type and advertising, but you have to be careful that the letters on adjacent lines don't appear to collide, and it's never a good idea for body text.