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Irridating aluminum

MEL V/N/E' REJ DAK 0% fwd/db A TTO/QNEY- 3,tl39,798 MATERIAL FOR WELDING ALUMHQUM AND OTHER METALS Melvin l3. Another object is to provide such method of welding which is not hindered by the usual oxide film found on articles of aluminum. REJDAK 3,089,798 MATERIAL FOR WELDING ALUMINUM AND OTHER METALS Original Filed April 25, 1955 INVENTOR. it is accordingly a principalobject of this invention to provide a material for cast welding aluminum articles, and more especially for cast welding aluminum conductors such as cable to other cable, bus bars, grounds, etc.The aluminum cable or other aluminum article may also be cast welded by my new process to articles of brass, bronze, and Nichrome.In these cases, both the aluminum article and the other article are interfused with the cast weld metal.The exothermic reaction mixture which may be supplied in the form of a cartridge is emptied into the crucible so that the principal metal forming materials 8 fill the lower portion of the crucible and the starting powder 9 forms a layer on top.Such starting power may then be ignited with a flint gun, and it in turn ignites the exothermic reaction mixture to produce the molten metal charge which melts through disc 7 and drops into mold cavity 3, surrounding the cable end portions and bonding thereto.The temperature of such molten charge will preferably be in excess of 2,000 F.

hired Fascias @E ee 3fid9fi98 Patented May 14, 1963 Referring now more particularly to such drawing, the welding apparatus may comprise two graphite blocks such as l hollowed out to provide an upper crucible portion 2 and mold cavity portion 3, the two halves being temporarily clamped together as shown and described in Burke application Serial No. Two dry and clean cable end portions 4 and 5 are clamped in the mold cavity with their opposed ends located substantially vertically below sprue 6 which is closed by means of a small metal disc 7, ordinarily steel.

They are arranged in order of preference and the percentages given are by weight.

In each case aluminum powder is employed as the oxide reducing agent and also as the excess metal included for the purpose of regulating the reaction: Example 1 Percent Tin oxide 56.0 Aluminum powder 39.4 Calcium fluoride 3.0 Cryolite 1.6 Example 2 Tin oxide 65.0 Aluminum powder 24.5 Calcium fluoride 10.5 Example 3 Tin oxide r 61.8 Aluminum powder 28.4 Calcium fluoride 6.6 Cryolite 3.2 Example 4 Tin oxide 58.8 Aluminum powder 36.5 Calcium fluoride 3.6 Cryolite 1.1 Example 5 Tin oxide 57.8 Aluminum powder 39.0 Calcium fluoride 1.6 Sodium chloride 1.6 Example 6 Tin oxide 54.4 Aluminum powder 42.6 Calcium fluoride 1.4 Cryolite 1.6 Example 7 Tin oxide 47.4 Aluminum powder 50.0 Calcium fluoride 1.3 Sodium chloride 1.3 As previously indicated, certain other metals may be included in the exothermic reaction mixture for the purpose of regulating the same instead of the excess aluminum provided in the examples given above.

In general, an amount of aluminum powder will be included slightly more than the theoretical amount required to reduce the tin oxide present and then approximately 20% by weight of nickel, tin, silver, iron, or chromium may be included instead of the excess aluminum.

Of course, when tin metal constitutes such excess, the resultant molten charge will be substantially entirely tin with only quite small amounts of aluminum, iron, etc.

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Copper, steel, stainless steel and cast iron articles may also be bonded to aluminum articles in accordance with my invention if properly prepared, as by dipping in molten tin, so that the cast weld metal will braze thereto.

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