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Dominant people will not accept this behavior in return.When two people meet for the first time, especially when both parties are male, a display of alpha male dominant behavior can usually be witnessed.Generally, it is acceptable to have between three and five “pumps” (up-down motions) before withdrawing.The exception, of course, is when you’re shaking the hand of a superior – in this case, wait until the other person has begun to retract their hand, as a sign of respect.They say a picture paints a thousand words – and the same can certainly be said for gestures.We all subconsciously give away hints as to our true feelings, through our movements and gestures.

So I thought to myself: “What are the first things that I notice about other people?Whether you’re trying to get the attention of a romantic interest or trying to score that promotion, your posture plays a significant role in how others view your attitude and other competencies.Even if you’re a little on the short side (like myself), that doesn’t mean you have to look timid. Best posture for most confidence: Handshakes are usually the first impression you give someone upon meeting them.It might not be as dramatic as a peacock’s tail, but these everyday dominant behaviors can be spotted everywhere: 1.The handshake The dominant individual will firmly place their hand on top with their palm facing down.

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