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Ref: Mass General Laws, Chapter 268, Section 13B I am in different MA courts every day, defending my clients rights and freedom.If you’ve been charged with intimidation of a witness or any another criminal charge in Massachusetts, you need someone who will fight for your rights. If you are saddled with a permanent criminal record, it may affect you when applying for a job, and will come up anytime you get a background check.An experienced attorney may be able to lessen or eliminate the severity of the consequences depending on the circumstances.What do prosecutors needs to show for a link between the defendant’s act and his intent to intimidate? The witness intimidation statute in the Commonwealth is serious, broadly written, and extraordinarily harsh.A good criminal defense attorney may be able to get these charges reduced, dismissed, or voided entirely.Anytime someone is arrested and facing conviction for any criminal charge, there can be unfortunate life consequences.

In true witness intimidation cases the first issue is identity -- can the police prove who it was that was responsible for the allegedly intimidating acts?

Of course, the legislature could always change this result by changing the law, but one hopes that if that is in the offing, the legislature will also reconsider the impossibly vague language it used to define the fairly significant felony charge of witness intimidation in the future.

Interfering with a witness’s testimony or cooperation in a criminal case is a criminal act that can be misdemeanor or a felony.

Second, when people think about what the police can show, they usually are not thinking in terms of "reasonable doubt." Even if the police are convinced about who was responsible, the Commonwealth still has to prove it, and if there is reasonable doubt, even convincing evidence is not enough.

The witness intimidation statute requires that the Commonwealth prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the intimidating actions, whatever they were, be done with the specific intent to impede obstruct delay harm punish or otherwise interfere with a criminal process or investigation.

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The wife later decided not to testify against her husband, which is her right.