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Valuables, including your passport, should be kept out of sight. Travellers have been mugged when walking on deserted beaches and poorly lit streets at night.Be aware of your surroundings when withdrawing money from an ATM.Keep your credit card in sight when conducting transactions.Intimidation is sometimes used to force customers to purchase goods.Maintain a high level of vigilance when travelling in southern and border areas of Morocco. The Australian Government's longstanding policy is that it does not make payments or concessions to kidnappers.If you do decide to travel to an area where there is a particular threat of kidnapping, seek professional security advice and have effective personal security measures in place.Do not travel to Africa to seek restitution as there is a risk of physical assault from the perpetrators.More information: Scams Bogus internet friendship, dating and marriage schemes operate from some African countries.

Credit card fraud such as double billing and scams such as substituting inferior goods for those that were actually purchased are common.The Maghreb region, including Morocco, has been mentioned as a target in public statements by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).This has led to security being reinforced in Morocco.These scams typically result from connections made through internet dating schemes or chat rooms.Once a virtual friendship develops, the Australian citizen may be asked by their friend or prospective marriage partner to send money to enable travel to Australia.

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In planning your activities, consider the kind of places known to be terrorist targets and the level of security provided.

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