Ichigo dating game

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Ichigo dating game

Since then, the number of people he wishes to protect has continued to grow by the many he met over these years, causing Ichigo to risk his life to protect both the people close to him and complete strangers.

Ichigo is a capable student, ranked 23rd in his year at school, who studies regularly and does not neglect his schoolwork.

Ichigo's appearance has caused several people, including Jushiro Ukitake, to note a similarity to Kaien Shiba, the former lieutenant of the Thirteenth Squad.

Since his Fullbring fused with his Soul Reaper powers after regaining them for a second time, he has four black vertical, tattoo lines on each of his forearms, as well as his chest and ankles that are shaped like an "X".

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Ichigo Kurosaki is a male Human who possesses Soul Reaper and Quincy powers, the second Substitute Soul Reaper after Kugo Ginjo and the main protagonist of the Bleach franchise.Ichigo's most distinguishing feature is his spiky orange hair, a trait he has been ridiculed for years on end, particularly when he was younger, and earning him the nickname, "Strawberry".He is a fairly tall, lean-built young man with peach skin and brown eyes, as well as sideburns across his face.In addition to these changes, his Fullbring also caused black bands with white ends on them to appear around his neck like high collars.Since he regained his powers two years ago, Ichigo now sports a white tattered cloak with dark red markings tied around his waist that goes down to his ankles.

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