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Hrvatska dating

Why change something when it was working perfectly well?Tells me to update so I update by following the links provided, only to take me to this windows store to download this app which I download.I appreciate that things have to change from time to time - but this new version is NOT an improvement and was not required. Skype web, Skype App (preview) and also featured in

I am trying to uninstall and go back to the former version.

Indeed, many of them bear Bosniak as their second name. In the Zagreb telephone book only (1994/95) you can see a long list of as many as 210 surnames of Bosnjak, with only one Muslim forename, and also more than 30 Bosnjakovic's, with only 3 Muslim forenames.

There is village Bosnjaci in Croatia (4,500 inhabitants prior to 1991, near Zupanja).

Personally I hope that I can continue to use the previous version which is much more user friendly and versatile.

Please DO NOT force me to use this version by making it unavailable.

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the main function of this app if useless and you can't even open it now.

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