Herpes dating marriage

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There are meds that she can take to prevent an outbreak and protect her spouse. Just 1 partner can give it to you as what happened to me. I know many people who live with it and they are ok.

The medication helps with breakouts and also prevents them from possibly giving this to their partner.

All it takes is one partner one time, and that one time doesn't have to be "complete". Your son does not have to rely on condoms - only when the illness is active and it may never be again!

I, too, think that they should be counseled by their pastor(s) as they move forward in this "serious" relationship. Herpes is quite a prevalent STD amongst the youth of today so it seems it is no longer an unusual event.

Thank you to every single response and taking the time to care/write.

One thing I wanted to clarify was that my statement about the girl being promiscuous in her past was only mentioned because of non verbalized concerns of their relationship in lieu of this being my son's first relationship and being pretty young, maturity level, etc...

If they are near from each other, there will be a better chance for them to step to the success. If someone has very gorgeous photos and shows strong interest in another one at a herpes dating site, the person has to be very careful when contacting him or her.

He is very serious about a girl (she's 1 1/2 years older) and believes she is "the one".

I think the girlfriend did a good thing with telling him about the std. If he truely believes that she is the one for him and he can live with using a condom for the rest of their life together then you should let him.

In all truth she will never be healed from the std, but she may just not have an out break right now.

I would like to hear from anyone who has been married with this problem or any other advice. This problem at the moment is not concerning him too much, he believes she's healed & even if not, she is God's will. The thought of life with a condom for that long sure wouldn't appeal to me...the possibility of getting it is very possible. Mamasource: Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to the above concern.

The help I received and peace of mind was so wonderful.

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Marriage is difficult for older couples who have life experience and know who they are and what they want. Put it right out of your mind and just enjoy the fact that your son has chosen a Christian, born-again young woman to share the rest of his life with...alone removes all the negatives out of the equation. Just enjoy your son and be a friend to his wife....that's all that is required of you - love conquers all!