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Mike Klingner - Was an Air Force fighter pilot and was shot down over Laos in 1970 and declared Killed in Action 1971 ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of The Rebels, The Nomads and J. And The Bumbles - Nebraska Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. Mike Leadbitter - Died in London, England - Meningitis - Born 2-12-1942 in India - Editor and co-founder of the magazine, Blues Unlimited - Co-founder of The Blues Appreciation Society - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee. Peggy Clinger (Catherine Clinger) - Died 1975 in Boulder, Colorado, U. - Drug overdose ( Pop - Christian ) She was about 27 years old - Singer and songwriter - She was one of The Clinger Sisters (They did, "Shoop Shoop de Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah" and "Gonna Have a Good Time Tonight") - Worked with Johnny Cymbal.Junie Cobb (Junius Cobb) - Died 1970 ( Jazz ) Born 1896 in Hot Springs, AR, U. - Played piano, banjo, saxophone and clarinet - Led Junie Cobb's Hometown Band, J. Cobb And His Grains Of Corn (They did, "Smoke Shop Drag" and "Once Or Twice") and E. Cobb And His Corn Eaters (They did, "Transatlantic Stomp") - Worked with King Oliver, Annabelle Calhoun and Jimmie Noone - Brother of cornet player, Jimmy Cobb. Georg Brunis (George Clarence Brunies) - Died in Chicago, Ill., U. Rabon Tarrant - Died about 1975 ( Blues ) Born in Ennis, TX, U. - Singer and drummer - (He wrote, "Naggin' Woman Blues," and "Slowly Going Crazy Blues") - Worked with Otis Stafford, Lafayette Thompson's Golden Dragon Orchestra, Bert Johnson's Sharps And Flats, Eddie Turnham, Pee Johnson's Orchestra, and Jack Mc Vea (They did, "Listen Baby Blues" and "Blues All Night").Víctor Pinero - El Rey del Merecumbe - Died 1-5-1975 in Caracas, Venezuela - Heart attack while singing "La Pilandera" with Los Melodicos ( Tropical ) Born Caracas, Venezuela - Singer - (He did, "El Merecumbe" (The Merecumbe) and "Rosa") - Worked with Manito, Leonard Melody, Los Hermanos Belisario, Pedro J.Belisario's, Los Peniques, Pacho Galan, Chucho Sanoja, La Sonora Caracas, Cortijo y su Combo, Los Melodicos, Víctor Pinero y sus Caribes and El Combo Gigante de Emilita Dago. - Keyboardist - Was a member of Beaver And Krause (They did, "Nine Moons In Alaska" and "Saga Of The Blue Beaver") - Worked with Electric Flag, The Monkees and Ravi Shankar. - (He did, "5th Street Alley" and "My Woman Done Quit Me") - Was a member of The Cats From Fresno. Ishman Bracey (Ishmon Bracey) - Died 2-12-1970 ( Blues ) Born 1-9-1901 in Byram, Mississippi, U. - (He did, "Suitcase Full Of Blues" and "Bust Up Blues") - Woked with Tommy Johnson and Charlie Mc Coy. - Singer - Worked with The Blue Flame Syncopators, Tony Jackson and Jelly Roll Morton - Wife of pianist, Bill Hegamin. Lou Watts (Louis Thomas Watts) (aka Kid Thomas) - Died 4-13-1970 in Los Angeles, CA, U. - Shot by the father of a child he was accused of killing ( R&B ) Born 6-20-1934 in Sturgis, Mississippi, U. - (He did, "Wolf Pack " and "Rockin' This Joint Tonight"). - Singer, songwriter and pianist - (He wrote, "Keep A Knockin" and Mamie Smith's, "That Thing Called Love") - Led Perry Bradford And His Gang and Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools - Worked with The Gulf Coast Seven, The Georgia Strutters, Alberta Hunter, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Dunn and James P. George Goldner - Died 5-15-1970 - Heart attack ( Record Label Owner - Producer ) Born 1918 in New York, NY, U. - Worked with The Crows, The Flamingos, The Cleftones, The Shangri-Las, The Teenagers, The Chantels, Little Richard and Lou Christie. Hal Dickinson (Harold Hunt Dickinson Jr.) - Died in Santa Barbara, CA, U. May Singhi Breen - The Ukulele Lady - Died ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 2-24-1895 in New York, NY, U. - Played Ukulele - (Co-wrote, "Ukulele Blues") - Was a member of The Syncopators - Appeared on NBC's, "Sweethearts Of The Air" with her husband songwriter, Peter De Rose for more than 15 years - Ukulele Hall Of Fame Inductee. Captain John (John Handy) - Died 1-12-1971 in New York, NY, U. Jesse Price - Died 4-19-1974 in Los Angeles, CA, U. Robert Le Lievre - Died 8-26-1974 in Copenhagen - Suicide ( Rock - Folk ) Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of Cy, Maia & Robert and Pan (They did, "In A Simple Way" and "Ride Across My Bed"). - Actor - (He had hits with, "Dutchman's Gold" (with Billy Vaughn), "Old Rivers" and "Mama Sang A Song") - He acted as Grandpa on the TV's, The Real Mc Coys. - Singer and pianist - (She did, "In The Racket" and "Billie's Gumbo Blues") - Worked with her husband, De De Pierce and with Bessie Smith, Alphonse Picou, Emile Barnes, George Lewis and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. - Baritone saxophonist and clarinetist - Worked with Duke Ellington (They did, "Rockin' In Rhythm") - Was one of the first jazz musicians to master circular breathing, using it to hold an endless note. - Songwriter - (Co-wrote, "Dont Get Around Much Any More" and "A Lonesome Cup Of Coffee") - Wrote songs for the films, "The Girl Cant Help It" and "That Midnight Kiss" - Collaborated with Harold Spina, Lou Alter, Peter De Rose, Duke Ellington, Bronislaw Kaper, Lester Lee, Harry Warren and Carl Sigman - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee. Lewis, Cal Smith, Billy Edd Wheeler, Mel Tillis and Ernest Tubb - Worked for Columbia Records and Decca Records - Formed Todd Records which signed Pee Wee King, Joe Henderson and Dub Dickerson - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. Johnny Hodges (Cornelius Hodge) - Died 5-11-1970 in New York, NY, U. ( Jazz ) Born 7-25-1907 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U. - Alto saxophonist (He did,"A Sailboat In The Midnight" and "Prelude To A Kiss") Worked with Duke Ellington ("Things Ain't What They Used to Be" and "Come Sunday") and Wild Bill Davis. Baby Huey (James Thomas Ramsey) - Died - Overdose ( R&B ) Born 1944 in Richmond, Indiana, U. - Singer (He did,"Mama Get Yourself Together") - Was a member of Richmond's Own Vets - The leader of Baby Huey & The Babysitters (They did, "Monkey Man") . George "Smitty" Smith - Died - Cerebral hemmorage ( Doo Wop - R&B ) Born in Florida, U. - Singer - He was a member of The Manhattans (They did, "I Wanna Be (Your Everything)" and "If My Heart Could Speak"). - Composer - Composed songs for over 40 Western movies including, Apache Rose, Twilight On The Rio Grande and Colorado Sundown - His songs have been sung by Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee. Harry Shields - Died 1-19-1971 ( Jazz ) Born 6-30-1899 in New Orleans, LA, U. - Played clarinet - Worked with Tom Brown, Sharkey Bonano, Johnny Wiggs and Norman Brownlee - Brother of clarinetist, Larry Shields. Banjo") and Spike Jones And His City Slickers (They did, "Gesundheit Polka" and "Sante"). Max Steiner (Maximilian Raoul Steiner) - The father of film music - Died in Hollywood, CA, U. - Born 5-10-1888 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria) - Composer and pianist - He did the scores for, Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and the 1933 film, King Kong and for the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musical, Top Hat - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee. Rubin Lacy - Died 1972, 1974 or 1975 in Bakersfield, CA, U. Pneumonia, a complication from cancer ( Jazz ) Born 8-21-1920 in Colfax, LA, U. (She had a hit With, "I Want To Be Loved (But Only By You)") - Worked with Benny Carter, Willard Brown, Claude Dunson and Sonny White. Tyree Glenn (Tyree Evans Glenn) - Died 5-18-1974 in Englewood, NJ, U. Brother Bones (Freeman Davis) (aka Whistling Sam) - Died 6-14-1974 in Longbeach, CA, U. Tina Brooks (Harold Floyd Brooks) - Died 8-13-1974 in New York, NY U. - Kidney failure ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 6-7-1932 in Fayetteville, NC, U. - Played saxophone - (He did, "Minor Move" and "Up Tight's Creek") - Worked with Sonny Thompson, Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, Freddie Hubbard, Amos Milburn, Freddie Redd, Jackie Mc Lean and Lionel Hampton. - Singer, drummer and pianist - (He recorded, "Summertime" and "Sitting In The Park") - Worked with The Stewart Gospel Singers, The Marquees and The Rainbows - Washington Area Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee. Lucille Hegamin (Lucille Nelson) (aka The Georgia Peach and The Cameo Girl) - Died 3-1-1970 in New York, NY, U. Emery Mc Clung (Emery Samuel Mc Clung) - Died 3-9-1970 - Born 1-3-1910 in Beckley, WV, U. - Played guitar - He was a member of John & Emery Mc Clung ("Birdie" and "The Fun Is All Over"), The West Virginia Trail Blazers, The West Virginia Snake Hunters ("Standin' In The Need Of Prayer" and "Walk In The Streets Of Glory") and The Mc Clung Brothers ("Trail Blazer's Favorites" and "Alabama Jubilee"). Perry Bradford (aka Mule) - Died 4-22-1970 in New York, NY, U. Bobby Donaldson (Robert Stanley Donaldson) - Died 1971 ( Jazz ) Born in Boston, MA, U. - Drummer - Worked with Buck Clayton, Cat Anderson, Mel Powell, Ruby Braff, Benny Goodman, Red Norvo, Count Basie, Russell Procope, Herbie Mann, Edmond Hall, Kenny Burrell, Frank Wess and others. George Pegram (George Franklin Pegram Jr.) - Died 9-12-1974 - Bone cancer ( Folk ) Born 8-5-1911 - Played banjo (He did,"Good Ol' Mountain Dew" and "John Henry") Worked with Clegg Garner's band, Corbett Bennett And His Mountain Dudes, Walter "Red" Parham, Fred Cockerham and The Okie Mountain Boys. Billie Pierce (Wilhelmina Goodson ) - Died 9-29-1974 in New Orleans, LA, U. Harry Carney (Harry Howell Carney) - Died 10-8-1974 in New York, NY, U. Ed Sullivan (Edward Vincent Sullivan) (aka Old Stone Face) - Died in New York, NY, U. - Esophageal cancer ( TV Host ) Born 9-28-1902 in New York, NY, U. - (He recorded, "The Sulli-Gulli" with The Ed Sullivan Singers and Orchestra) - Introduced The Beatles to America and showcased many other rock groups including The Rolling Stones and The Doors .

Felipe Pirela - El Bolerista de America - Died 7-2-1972 in Santurce, Puerto Rico - Shot ( Pop ) Born 9-4-1941 in Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela - Singer - (He did, "Cuando Ya No Me Quieras" (When You No Longer Love Me) and "Unicamente Tu" (Only You)) - Worked with Juanito Arteta's Orchestra, Los Peniques and Billo's Caracas Boys. Brother Joe May - The Thunderbolt of the Middle West - Died 7-14-1972 in Thomasville, GA, U. Don Byas (Carlos Wesley Byas) - Died 8-24-1972 ( Jazz - R&B ) Born in Muskogee OK, U. - Saxaphonist - Leader of Don Byas Quartet (They did, "September Song" and "London Donnie") - Worked with Benny Moten, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie and others. Lale Andersen (Lieselotte Helene Berta Bunnenberg) - Died 8-29-1972 in Vienna, Austria - Liver cancer ( Pop ) Born 3-23-1905 in the Bremerhaven Lehe district - Singer - (She did, "Lili Marleen" and "He, hast du Feuer, Seemann? Danny Whitten (Daniel Ray Whitten) - Died in Los Angeles, CA, U. - Heroin overdose ( Rock ) Born 5-8-1943 in Columbus, Georgia, U. - Singer and guitarist - (He wrote, "I Don't Want To Talk About It") - Worked with Danny And The Memories (They did, "Can't Help Loving That Girl Of Mine"), The Psyrcle, The Rockets and The War Babies who became Crazy Horse (They did, "Cowgirl In The Sand"). Mel Lastie (Melvin Lastie) - Died 12-4-1972 in New Orleans, LA, U. Kenny Dorham (Mc Kinley Howard Dorham) - Died 12-5-1972 - Kidney disease ( Jazz ) Born 8-30-1924 in Fairfield, TX, U. - Played trumpet - (He did, "Blue Bossa") - Worked with The Be Bop Boys, Dizzy Gillespie, The Jazz Prophets, The Max Roach Quintet and Billy Eckstine. ( Songwriter ) Born 9-15-1906 - (He co-wrote, "Frosty The Snowman" and "Peter Cottontail") - Hi songs have been recorded by Dinah Washington, Henry Mancini, Fred Astaire, Martina Mc Bride, The Carpenters, Nat King Cole, Gene Autry, Rosemary Clooney, Anne Murray, Hank Snow, George Jones, Eddy Arnold, Willie Nelson, Kenny G and Frankie Yankovic - West Virginia Hall Of Fame Inductee. - Played saxophone and violin and was a composer and arranger - (He composed,"Don't Be That Way" and "Stompin' At The Savoy") - Worked with Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Chick Webb, Ella Kid Ory (Edward Ory) - Died 1-23-1973 in Hawaii, U. Andy Razaf (Andreamentena Razafinkeriefo) (aka Tommy Thompson) - Died 2-3-1973 in Los Angeles, CA, U. Gus Aiken (Augustus Aiken ) - Died 4-1-1973 in New York, NY, U. ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 7-26-1902 in Charleston, South Carolina, U. - Trumpeter - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Sid Catlett, Roy Eldridge and Elmer Snowden - Brother of trumpeter and trombonist, Bud Aiken. Nino Bravo (Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis) - Died 4-16-1973 in Spain - Car accident ( Pop ) Born 8-3-1944 in Aielo de Malferit, Valencia, Spain - Singer - (He did, "Te Quiero, Te Quiero" and "Un Beso y una Flor") - Was a member of Los Hispanicos who changed their name to Los Superson. Gene Krupa (Eugene Bertram Krupa) - Died in Yonkers, NY, U. - Leukemia ( Jazz ) Born 1-15-1909 in Chicago, Illinois, U. - Drummer - (He did, "Wire Brush Stomp" and "Drummin' Man") - Worked with Benny Goodman, Vido Musso, Milt Raskin, Floyd O'Brien, Sam Donahue, Shorty Sherock, Irene Daye, Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge.

T-Bone Walker (Aaron Thibeaux Walker) (aka Oak Cliff T-Bone) - Died 3-16-1975 - Bronchial pneumonia ( Blues ) Born 5-28-1910 in Linden, Texas, U. (He did,"Call It Stormy Monday" and "T-Bone Shuffle") Blues Foundation's Hall of Fame Inductee - "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee"Josephine Baker (Freda Josephine Carson) (aka Black Venus, Black Pearl and Creole Goddess) - Died 4-12-1975 - Cerebral hemorrhage ( Pop - Cabaret ) Born 6-3-1906 in St. Moe Howard (Moses Horwitz) (Harry Horwitz) - Died 5-4-1975 ( Swing - Pop - Novelty ) Born 6-19-1897 in Bensonhurst, New York, U. - Was one of The Three Stooges (They did,"Swingin The Alphabet" and "Three Chipped Monks"). ( Rockabilly - Country ) Born 9-21-1914 in Van Buren, AR, U. - Guitarist - Led Arkie Shibley And His Mountain Dew Boys (They did, "Hot Rod Race" and "You Put My Heart In Orbit"). Gary Thain - Died 12-8-1975 but I've been told his death certificate states the date as in Norwood Green - Drug overdose ( Rock ) Born 5-15-1948 in Christchurch, New Zealand - Bassist - Worked with The Strangers (They did, "Pretend" and "Can't Help Forgiving You"), Secrets (They did, "It's You" and "You're Wrong"), Me And The Others, The Keef Hartley Band (They did, "Too Much Thinking" and "Leave It 'Til The Morning"), Champion Jack Dupree and Uriah Heep (They did, "Magician's Birthday" and "Spider Woman"). - Colon cancer ( Jazz ) Born 10-9-1908 in Fort Gibson, OK, U. - Singer and songwriter - (She co-wrote, "Got The South In My Soul" and "Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere") - Worked with Leo Reisman's orchestra, Jess Stacy, Paul Whiteman, Victor Young, Bunny Berigan, Bud Freeman, Billy Butterfield, Max Kaminsky, Fats Waller, Eddie Condon, Bobby Hackett and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame Inductee. Records which released recordings by Mildred Richards And Her Red Hots, St. Florence Ballard - Died 2-22-1976 - Coronary thrombosis ( Soul - Pop ) Born 6-30-1943 in Detroit, Michigan, U. - Was one of The Supremes (They sang, "Baby Love" and "Stop In The Name Of Love") - "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee". Princess White Durrah - Died 3-21-1976 in Port Chester, NY, U. - Collapsed and died during a break while performing ( Blues - Jazz ) Born 1-14-1881 in Philadelphia, PA, U. - (She did, "Every Woman's Blues" and "Peepin' In The Wrong Keyhole") - Worked with The Clyde Bernhardt Harlem Blues And Jazz Band, Ma Rainey, Ethel Waters, Black Patti and Ida Cox.- Died 3-26-1976 in Warwickshire, England - Car accident ( Rock - Blues ) Born in Welshpool, Wales - Harmonica player, guitarist and singer - (He did, "My Lucky Day" and the original "Jumping At Shadows") - Worked with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood Mac, Alexis Korner and B. Freddie Lennon (Alfred Lennon) (aka Alf) - Died 4-1-1976 in Brighton, Sussex, England - Born in Liverpool, England - Sang and played banjo - (He did, "That's My Life (My Love And My Home)" and "The Next Time You Feel Important") - Father of singer, John Lennon. William Bobo (aka Thunder) - Died 4-28-1976 ( Gospel - R&B ) Born 5-12-1915 in Spartanburg, SC, U. - Was a singer for The Heavenly Gospel Singers and The Dixiehummingbirds (They did, "Soon Will Be Done With The Troubles of This World" and "Little Wooden Church"). - Worked with Eddie Condon, Glenn Miller's Orchestra ("String Of Pearls"), Jackie Gleason and Jack Teagarden. Malcolm Lockyer - Died 6-28-1976 ( Conductor ) Born 1923 - Was co-conductor of The Knightsbride Strings (with Reg Owen) (They did, "Cry") and The Cambridge Strings (with Dick Rowe) (They did, "Tunes of Glory") - His albums charted numerous times.

Joe Mooney - Died 5-12-1975 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, U. - Stroke ( Jazz ) Born 3-14-1911 in Paterson, NJ, U. - Singer, pianist and accordionist - (He did,"Nowhere" and "Lush Life") - Worked with Buddy Rogers, Milt Hinton, Johnny Smith, The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra and led The Joe Mooney's Quartet - He and his brother Dan were The Sunshine Boys and The Melotone Boys. - (He wrote, "Sleigh Ride", "The Typewriter" and "The Syncopated Clock") - Worked with Arthur Fiedler - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee. Vincent Lopez - Died 9-20-1975 in Miami Beach, FL, U. Frank Signorelli - Died 12-9-1975 ( Jazz ) Born 5-24-1901 - Pianist - (He composed, "A Blues Serenade" and "Stairway To The Stars") - Was a member of The Original Memphis Five - Worked with Eddie Lang, Frankie Trumbauer, Bix Beiderbecke and Joe Venuti. Mongezi Feza - Died in London, England - Pneumonia ( Jazz ) Born 1945 in Queenstown, South Africa - Played trumpet and flute - Woked with The Blue Notes, Robert Wyatt, Xaba, Henry Cow and Dudu Pukwana. Adolph Rickenbacker (aka Adolph Rickenbacher) (Adolf Adam Riggenbacher) - Died 3-7-1976 in Fullerton, CA, U. - Born 4-1-1887 in Basel, Switzerland - Founder of The Rickenbacker Guitar Company and co-founder of The Ro-Pat-In Company. Floyd Council (aka Dipper Boy Council) - Died 5-9-1976 in Sanford, NC, U. - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 9-2-1911 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "I'm Broke And I Ain't Got A Dime" and "I Don't Want No Hungry Woman") - Worked with The Chapel Hillbillies and Blind Boy Fuller. Johnny Mercer (John Herndon Mercer) - Died 6-25-1976 in Los Angeles, CA, U. Cecilia (Evangelina Sobredo Gallants) - Died 8-2-1976 in Benavente, Zamora, Castilla Leon, Spain - Car accident ( Pop ) Born Madrid, Spain - Singer - (She did, "Dama, Dama" and "Un Ramito de Violetas"). - Singer - (She did, "I'm Gonna Cry") - Was a singer for The Boswell Sisters (They did, "Nights When I'm Lonely") - The Boswell Sisters also did a song in the 1930's called "Rock And Roll", though having nothing to do with its current meaning, shows that the term predated Alan Freed by over twenty years - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee and Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jacinto Perez (Rafael Jesús Blanco González) - Died 1-10-1975 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Folk ) Born in Caracas, Venezuela - Played the Cuatro - Worked with Don Vicente Flores, Espin And Guanipa and Fredy Reyna - Was a teacher of the cuatro. Larry Fine (Louis Feinberg) - Died 1-24-1975 in Woodland Hills, CA, U. ( Swing - Pop - Novelty ) Born 10-5-1902 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U. - Was a violinist and played many other instruments - Was one of The Three Stooges ( They did, "Swingin The Alphabet" and "Sing Along With Moe") and a member of Gus Edwards' Newsboy Sextette and The Haney Sisters And Fine.- King of the Juke Boxes - Died 2-4-1975 in Los Angeles, CA, U. - Heart attack ( R&B - Jump Blues ) Born 7-8-1909 in Brinkley, Arkansas, U. - (He recorded, "Caldonia" and "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby") - Was a member of The Elks Rendezvous Band and The Tympany Five - Worked with Clarence Williams and Chick Webb - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee and Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee. inside his home ( Soul - Rock ) Born in Memphis, Tennessee, U. - Drummer - Was a member of Booker T and The MG's (They recorded, "Green Onions" and "Soul Limbo") - Worked with The Ben Branch Band, Al Green, Rufus Thomas, Sam & Dave, Jean Knight, Major Lance, Tina Turner, Bill Withers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eric Clapton, Ann Peebles, Rod Stewart, Shirley Brown, Donny Hathaway, Leon Russell, Albert King, Herbie Mann, Carla Thomas, Otis Redding, Albert King, Eddie Floyd and Willie Mitchell - Son of orchestra leader, Al Jackson Sr.

Paul Beaver - Died 1-16-1975 in Los Angeles, CA, U. Ake Persson - Died 2-5-1975 in Stockholm, Sweden ( Jazz ) Born 2-25-1932 in Hassleholm, Sweden - Played trombone - Worked with Dizzy Gillespie Benny Bailey, Arne Domnerus, George Wallington, Roy Haynes, Hacke Bjorksten, Harry Arnold's Radio Band, Simon Brehm, Lars Gullen, Quincy Jones, Count Basie and Duke Ellington. - Played accordion and was a composer and arranger - Led The Johnny Pecon Orchestra - Worked with Dr. - Memphis Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee. -1975 off the coast of California - Sailing accident ( Rock ) Born 4-27-1943 in Vancouver, BC - Keyboardist, arranger and producer - (He arranged Diana Ross', "Touch Me In The Morning" and co-wrote Bobby Taylor And The Vancouvers', "Does Your Mama Know About Me?

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Bob Wills (James Robert Wills) (aka Jim Rob) - Died 5-13-1975 in Fort Worth, TX, U. - Pneumonia ( Country - Western Swing ) Born 3-6-1905 near Kosse, Limestone County, Texas, U. - Played fiddle and mandolin and was a singer and songwriter - (He did,"Steel Guitar Rag") - Was a member of The Wills Family Band, The Light Crust Doughboys, Alladdin Laddies and the leader of Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys (They did,"New San Antonio Rose") - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee, Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee, Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee. George Tunnell (aka Bon Bon) - Died 5-20-1975 ( Jazz ) Born 6-29-1912 in Philadelphia, PA, U. - Singer and pianist - Led Bon Bon & His Buddies - Was a member of Three Keys (They did, "Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn" and "Oh By Jingo") and The Top Hatters (They did, "Vol Vistu Gaily Star" and "Rose Of The Rio Grande"). - Hit and run accident ( Rock ) Born 1945 in NJ, U. - Singer, dancer and actor - Was a member of The Magic Tramps (They did, "My Reflection" and "Warriors Of The Rainbow") who also used the names Messiah and Star Theater - He appeared in Andy Warhol's films, Heat, Chelsea Girls and Lonesome Cowboys.. - Trumpet player - Leader of Reuben River Reeves And His River Boys and Reuben River Reeves And His Tributaries - Worked with Dave Peyton, Cab Calloway, Harry Dial's Blusicians and his brother, trombonist Gerald Reeves. Al Sloey - Died ( Country ) Born 3-261912 - Singer and actor - Was a member of The Riders Of The Purple Sage (They did, "Texas Blues") - Worked with Mary Ford, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee. Wynona Carr (aka Sister Wynona Carr and Miss Kitty Karr) - Died 5-12-1976 ( R&B - Gospel ) Born 8-23-1924 in Cleveland, OH, U. - Singer (She did, "The Ball Game" and "Should I Ever Love Again? Keith Relf - Died 5-14-76 - Electrocuted, a nearby heater may have caused an electrical short in the guitar cable while he practiced ( Rock ) Born 3-22-1943 in Richmond, England - Was a member of Renaissance and The Yardbirds (They did,"Shapes Of Things" and "Evil Hearted You") - "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee"Bobby Hackett (Robert Leo Hackett) - Died 6-7-1976 in Chatham, MA, U. Albert Burbank - Died 8-15-1976 ( Jazz ) Born 3-25-1902 in New Orleans, LA, U. - Singer and clarinet player - Worked with Wooden Joe Nicholas, Papa French, Buddy Petit, Arnold De Pass, Chris Kelly and Punch Miller. - Trombonist - He worked with Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Quincy Jones and Charles Mingus.- Died 10-3-1976 in New York, NY, U. - Internal hemorrhage ( Blues ) Born in Houston, Texas, U. - Pianist and singer - (She did, "Dope Head Blues" and "Organ Grinder Blues") - Worked with her sister, Addie "Sweet Pease" Spivey and with Bob Dylan, Lonnie Johnson, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Clarence Williams and Luis Russell. Count Ossie (Oswald Williams) - Died ( Reggae ) Born 1926 in St. - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 6-29-1935 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U. - Singer - Was half of the duo, Shirley & Lee (They recorded, "Let The Good Times Roll" and "Feel So Good (Feel So Fine)").

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