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Dating Bruce Would Include-Awkward conversations-A lot of time spent in the manor-Showing him around Gotham-Getting used to Alfred-Alfred watching your every move-More discreet hand holding than any other character-Nervous, trembly kisses-Cuddling-Quiet afternoons because you can't find anything to talk about-Loud lunches because you both are debating a pressing topic in the media-Hugging to hide tears-Not seeing Bruce when dangerous criminals show up in Gotham-Being a target as one of his loved ones-Charity events-Balls/Dances-Large, heavy dresses-Heels-Expensive gifts-Inside jokes that annoy Alfred to no end-Getting used to Selina and Bruce's friendship-Comforting him after his parents-Sleepovers-Soothing his nightmares-Strange looks during social events-No one quite understanding your dynamic-Getting used to older members of the Wayne Foundation fussing over your relationship As he gets older:-Becoming a target of Rogues who know Batmans identity-Knowing about Batman-Tending to his wounds-Stocking up on pharmaceuticals-Not even being allowed to look in Arkham's direction-Taking care of the Robins-Breaking up fights between past and present robins-Always welcoming other heroes/vigilantes into your home-Slowly training to become apart of the Bat family yourself-Large holidays-Constant grumbling about some new villain-Having to lock down the house because Arkham can't seem to keep their patients committed-Staying in the public eye-Following the last statement with dealing with scandals-Rumors from tabloids and the Gotham Gazette(most of which cause a 10 minute long laughing fit)-Having a small wedding, somewhere safe and underground so no criminal can stop it-Getting interrupted anyways because 'the bat signal is on, someone needs my help!'-Never having a dull moment A/N: Sorry for the wait guys! The race, which takes its name from an old nickname for New York City, was inaugurated at Jamaica Racetrack in before being moved to New York City in .Notable for giving the back story behind the place, and it definitely wasnt pretty.NEWS: Ben Mc Kenzie is 'Great in Bed,' Uses Fluffy Pink Handcuffs Baccarin recently split from director and producer Austin Chick, who cited irreconcilable differences when he filed for divorce from the actress in early July.The couple share one son, Julius, who will be 2 years old in October.(As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online Gothic dating business for over 17 years!) Try our online gothic dating site by joining for free now and find gothic singles in your area who are looking for gothic friendship and matrimony.

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