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The topic seemed ideal for the perpetually perplexed character Muscles (played to perfection by Jeffrey Patrick Olson).

Lucas is desperately trying to be normal, trying to not be stuck with the stigma of liking fat, or at least not liking only fat men.

Determined to treat the topic as just "the joke" but to explore it as honestly as a 10-minute-per-episode sitcom could, I contacted Dan. O.: Definitely something that took a while to understand. People talking about it, being concerned with it, from when I was 5. Some are, but most are just on their way to being gay. It's like when you're a teenager and you'll see any movie that comes out?

I asked him to be my "story consultant." He said yes and was so enthusiastic; I eventually cast him in the role of "Lucas," a man who becomes involved romantically with Muscles even as he struggles to admit to himself his chaser tendencies. A.: Was it something that took a while to understand? I grew up living next door to a gay couple and lived in an arts dorm in college; I've always been around gay people. Some boys know when they're 5 or 6 that they like men. Later I was fascinated with really obese guys, sometimes women, but mostly boys my own age. But as we know as gay men, that fascination often turns into sexual attraction. A.: How long did it take until you understood that interest? Then in your 30s, you start seeing only the movies you like in particular genres.

She adds: “In most films, bisexual men have either been killed, suicided, or been killers. Very few films, and only recently has film begun to explore polyamory and bisexuality, and women in relationships with bisexual men, in a more positive and varied light." However, it would be a mistake to paint relationships between bisexual men and women as black and white utopias.

When the men did not feel comfortable coming out, misogyny and violence continued to be issues.

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As we worked on the storyline, Dan led me into a fascinating world I never really understood. I now know the difference between "chasers" and "feeders," the meaning of "chub floss," and, as Dan points out, that "objectification works both ways"! I mean that the more a word directly points to the image of fat, the less acceptable we find it. There was no polite way to say "homosexual," and even less reason to bring it up. So "chubby chaser" is pretty neutral; it points to fat but it's also kinda cute. But you've seen gay magazines, the kinds of guys in them. O.: I didn't so much fight against it as remain ignorant of it, how deep it ran. And then in your 40s or 50s, a movie has to really capture your interest for you to go see it. In our 20s it seems like fat guys are just one type of guy we like.

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