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If the rate of issue stabilised at around 7 million per year, never mind further growth, then by 2013 around a quarter of US citizens will own a passport (assuming the same total population).

Update: From the comments, the has a subscriber-only article that states 34% of Americans over the age of 18 own passports, but cite no source for this.

Then I clicked Mr Gyford's link on the Pepys page, and there it was!

Richard Hyett and Nick have made excellent points about why Americans don't travel abroad more often.

One of the reasons America is sometimes described as being an insular country is the low ownership or passports, and thus the low rate of international travel.

Which in some ways is fair enough; in comparison to Europeans, for example, popping over to another country is often a bigger deal than jumping on a train.

I'm certainly in no position to criticise them for rarely leaving their country when most of my holidays over the past ten years have been to the US!

Quinn pointed out that there's been an increase in requirements for ID in the last ten years, and that may contribute to the spike.

It seems the statistic varies, for example: None of these are remotely official but I can’t find an official government statistic for passport ownership.

It was fairly obvious that the girl had only been to manhatten once or twice in her life and she probably didn't live very far away.

The equivalent of the costa brava for most Americans is either Florida or Hawaii, depending on where they live.

The cheap package holiday which we take for granted has no equivalent in the states and most Americans enjoy a miserable holiday allowance until they retire.

I don't think they are any more or less insular than we (English) are.

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By comparison, it says 41% of Canadians over 18 have passports.