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Now the semi-secret interstate database of choice is Palantir, a privately owned threat intelligence firm based in Palo Alto, Calif. Businesses are increasingly interested in the trend and want to determine the identification and addresses of the devices used by the same person.It is funded privately more so than its predecessors; its primary backer is Peter Thiel, the German innovator, Facebook board member, founder of Paypal, and (mostly) ultra-right Trump sup-porter. Tying in social media used by an individual adds to the precision.

That did not deter a company named hi Q Labs from harvesting this information with its own software (called scraping) and then selling it to businesses, in the form of Keeper, which tells employers which of their employees are at the greatest risk of being recruited away; and Skill Mapper, which provides a summary of the skills possessed by individual workers.We maintain separate lists of persons we know to be interested in privacy issues.These are the lists to which we send advertisements about our newsletter and books. On occasion we permit selected organizations that are marketing conferences or publications to mail to these addresses.The year 2016 marked the time when Palantir came to the attention of industrious journalists. This will allow marketers to reach their target audiences easier. This new capability to match a persons devices will involve collection of centralized information about the individual and provide the means for fine-tuning control over the persons life choices.It is a threat-intelligence company, which along the way uses demographic and criminal-justice data to predict anti-social behavior before it occurs. Discovering the email address used to log onto various devices is one way to make a probable identification of a multiple user.

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