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One fresh, living mealworm larva is also to be offered as food once a week, dependent on good behaviour.

In addition to its small stature, the entity displays other deviations from standard human morphology. DR REITERER: Supervisor comments: I have now read the translated log. Locating and containing SCP-3121-B is a high priority.The view shows the apparent reason for this: the back of the bald man’s scalp has been suddenly split open by a large gash.Rhythmic movement of a small light-coloured object can be observed within the wound, which coincides with the bald man’s head jerking slightly, as if his head is being opened from the inside. A small figure about 10 cm in height bursts from the gash and leaps to the ground. All bystanders jump and run to move away from the small entity – except for the middle-aged woman in the green shawl, who is still lying on her back after having fallen. The small figure looks around, pointing at several individuals.Witnesses report it repeating a phrase in an unknown language as it does so.The figure then clambers up onto the face of the middle-aged woman lying on the floor.

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Witnesses report that the anomaly uses a large metal nail to do this.

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