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She said she was mid 20s but she could pass for younger. I ask to switch to mish (give me some time to recover), i begin slowly thrusting , she moans gently and quietly (probably faking but i couldn't tell the difference).I think she might have had some plastic surgery, but her face isn't like some other girls where it's very obvious that they've had work done. Helen is a sex fiend erson's Name : Hana Establishment : Infinity Bordello Location: 2/42 Buffalo Rd, Gladesville Date of Visit : Jan 19 Contact Details : 9807 8825 Rates : 0/hour Age : Mid 20s Size/shape : 165cm, tall for an Asian, B-cup boobs, small butt, but leggy and limber Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese Services Provided : DFK, BBBJ, FS, Rimming Been to 42 Gladesville once, met Mimi (Thai) and overall impression was great. She went on a bbbj session and did not want to stop... I continue in mish with increasing tempo, all the while watching those tattoo move across her body, then she wraps her legs around me urging me to go faster and harder.I recognised the papasan and I am told that this place is run by the same people as 485 Rockdale and 5 Gerald Marrickville. Her bj began slow, as she used her tongue to lick my balls, shaft and tip.42 Gladesville is by far the nicest of the three, everything seems new and there is a lot more room compared to the other two establishments. Then she went down with slow, rhythmic action with her tongue rolling around my tip all the while giving good eye contact and using her hands to massage my balls and shaft.Scoring: Face: 9/10 Breast: 7/10 (alittle to small for my liking... ) Body: 9/10 (if had bigger breast then it will be 10) Ass: 10/10!!! The papasan led me to the waiting areas which are private single seater areas with a curtain partitioning them off from the hallway. Then we toweled off and she pushed me onto the bed and told me to lie down.

As i lit one up she ripped off the condom and started with the very very sloppy (alot of saliva... but here i was enjoying and cig while she enjoys a cigar (my little bro). As i was goin hard in doggy style, she was moaning quite loud and i accidently slipped out... So i inserted it and took it out, then did it again and again, then pulled her up so i can play with her breast while banging her.but in the shower she gave me a quick standing nuru style wash and continued to play with my little bro which made me want to book her again at 3am...... even then i really wanted to try atleast 6 more of the girls in the line up... I then saw a couch at the top of the stairs and wondered if I was supposed to wait there. Booked in advance and this time was even more passionate. Boss comes by, presents several lovely ladies and to be honest i forgot who was who because there were so many and all with similar names (coco,dodo, bobo, yaya, etc) until Amy walks in.there was one especially 1 super busty petite Korean hottie that smiled at me while she walked pass..... She had alot of strength and did some advanced moves The other girl that smiled at me: Face: 9/10 Body : 10/10 Breast :10/10 (looked real and super busty! I kept walking and had to make my way through some corridors before meeting the papasan. Amy is a instant stunner in black lingerie and body art. Into the room we go and as we were undressing, we started with some chitchat her english is quiet good (probably better than mine even).She did for a few minutes and then the buzzer went off.... I have been told there is a discreet rear entrance but I didn't bother looking for it because when I went, everything was closed so no one was around. She is definitely very reliable and dependable in terms of services and girl friend experience. Saw Amywas still on the 42 gladesville roster and thought i should finally commit to writing that after report.meaning i had 10min left to shower, drive home and maybe never see her again ... as i talked to my friend Jessie she came out to say hello to another person that was debating whether to stay til 3am or pick one out of (approx) 15 other hotties, she hugged me again before sayin hello and grabbed my hands again before running back into the room.... he really wanted to go again but my head said no... With the brothels that I have been to in the past, once I was buzzed inside, the papasan greeted me at the door. Once I was let inside, I had to make my way up a flight of stairs. You won't feel that she is faking or going through motion. I arrive, rang the buzzer and sat down in the private area.

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she then stopped and moved her ass towards my little bro and rubbed her pussy all over my little bro to the point that he was covered in her pussy juice.