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Facetime sex video

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Judge Matthews instructed he should appear on this date to give evidence.Goldie was said to be attending to contractual musical obligations overseas by his counsel, Abigail Bache.Goldie, who received an MBE last year, was allegedly involved in an 'altercation' with a security guard at last year's Glastonbury Festival, where he was performing.His 20-year-old daughter Chance was also accused of kicking the bouncer as he lay on the ground. But Goldie's legal team told Bristol Magistrates Court today that he could not appear because he was busy in Thailand and couldn't get back until May 31.He had tried to enter his guilty plea via his solicitor who read out an email from him containing his instructions.

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The musician Goldie is believed to be the first ever person to plead guilty over Facetime after he admitted assaulting a bouncer today in a video link from Thailand -but in doing so he angered the female judge by calling her 'Dear'.

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