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They've conquered the woes of emotional dysfunction, and parlayed their past trouble into a whirlwind romance.However, now comes the real work, the day to day grind of it all.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Olivia lives on the East Coast & works for a successful toy company.This is the journey of life that begs the question, Does love conquer all?

Follow these two through the trail, the White House, and post-presidency, as they have no option but to collide.

Because when everything changes, they're the one thing that doesn't.

*One Shots*With Olivia's life finally hitting the sweet spot in her relationship and her career, what happens when she comes across a man who has her contemplating her life choices and who she wants to be. Olivia and Fitz were once a married couple, young, happy and in love.

Olivia Pope is his daughter's dance teacher and one of his employees, they both feel an undeniable attraction, but can they help each other defeat their demons? She has three number one hit singles and she's getting ready to drop her very first album.

Prompts, drabbles and one-shots that aren't connected to my other stories. She's slowly becoming the biggest pop star on the planet and is getting everything she has worked so hard for.

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Olivia has left their home and Fitz does not know why or where she is.