Document dating in forensic science

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The XFT is also set up to record access sessions to be replayed in real time during court hearings.

In order to use this equipment, you would need a MSN in Forensic Nursing. : You might not think of it right away as a tool for forensic scientists, but ballistics specialists often use high-speed cameras in order to understand how bullet holes, gunshot wounds and glass shatters are created.We aim to ensure that all courses and modules advertised are delivered.However in some cases courses and modules may not be offered.With this machine, scientists and investigators can look at a piece of paper and see obscured or hidden writing, determine quality of paper and origin and “lift” indented writing.It is sometimes possible to complete these analyses even after a piece of paper has been so damaged by water or fire that it looks unintelligible to the naked eye.

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In fact, there are a number of incredibly cool forensic technologies that you probably never knew existed.

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