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Dns pointer record not updating

In order to force a proxy scenario, the external URL value for 2007 is set to $null.

The internal URL on 2007 should be configured with https://legacy.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-Active Sync Set-Active Sync Virtual Directory –Identity “Ex2013\Microsoft-Server-Active Sync (Default Web Site)” –Internal URL https://webmail.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-Active Sync –External URL https://webmail.domain.com/Microsoft-Server-Active Sync Outlook Anywhere – (Proxy) All OA connections, both 2007 mailboxes and 2013 mailboxes will now connect via the 2013 CAS.

A good article to start with is Exchange 2013 interoperability with legacy Exchange Versions by Michael Van Horenbeeck. A single Exchange 2007 server and a single Exchange 2013 server. So I usually setup some dummy URLs on the 2013 side and test all the connections (OWA, EAS, OA).

This article points out when Exchange 2013 will proxy connections to 2007 vs. Both servers are installed in the same Active Directory Site. This way I know all proxying and redirecting is working prior to making any user impacting changes.

Instead of an IP address or a domain name, an alias record contains a pointer to a Cloud Front distribution, an Elastic Beanstalk environment, an ELB Classic, Application, or Network Load Balancer, an Amazon S3 bucket that is configured as a static website, or another Route 53 record in the same hosted zone.

2013 will proxy connections back to 2007 for legacy mailboxes.

The external Host Name for both 20 should be the same, (webmail.domain.com).

For OA to proxy from 2013 to 2007, the IISAuthentication Methods on 2007 must be reconfigured to support both Basic and NTLM.

By default, Exchange 2007 IISAuthentication Methods is set to just Basic. Set-Outlook Anywhere –Identity “Ex2013\Rpc (Default Web Site)” –Internal Hostname webmail.–External Host Name webmail.–External Client Authentication Method Basic –IISAuthentication Methods Basic, NTLM Auto Discover – Both the 20 SCP locator can be configured to point to the Autodiscover URL https://autodiscover.domain.com/Autodiscover/

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