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Developmental disabilities dating

With respect to the potential for having and raising children, individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities have the right to: Adopted: Board of Directors, AAIDD August 18, 2008 Board of Directors, The Arc of the United States August 4, 2008 Congress of Delegates, The Arc of the United States November 8, 2008 Reviewed and extended without revision, 2013 __________________ “People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities” refers to those defined by AAIDD classification and DSM IV.In everyday language they are frequently referred to as people with cognitive, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities although the professional and legal definitions of those terms both include others and exclude some defined by DSM IV. ” follow him from section to section, eliciting his thumbs-up sign.

Which is kind of amazing, because someone like Josh would not normally be a shoo-in for such an honorarium. This is probably the hundredth time he has greeted this same guard, but Josh acts as though he hasn’t seen him in 100 years. It makes everyone’s night better.” His words are music to David Silverman’s ears.

And he can grab your arm and not let go, while making insistent noises about something that’s obvious only to him. From the moment Josh and his dad, David, enter the arena at p.m. game until the moment they cross the parking lot for the ride home to Marlton, Josh is treated with deference and love. ” says a burly guard, high-fiving him at the entrance for season ticket-holders. They spoke with pride about their disabled loved ones, but also about how lonely it can be to care for them, especially as they age.

” He’s short and round in his Flyers jersey, with thick, dark hair and darting, bright eyes and a joyous grin he flashes as he makes his way – a little too quickly for his unsteady gait – around the concourse. Josh Silverman gets his cheek pinched as a show of affection by Wells Fargo event staff member Marty Thomas, who has been the usher in Josh’s section for the entire time Josh has been coming to every Flyers home game.

I could go on and on about the impact on my husband and myself but I think you get the picture. I didn’t volunteer for this type of parenting but I would never change my situation for the world.” For activity, she usually takes her children for walks outside, because they can’t tolerate malls, movies or loud places with a lot of people.

One day, when it was too cold for the outdoors, she brought the kids to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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“They always tried to be helpful and encouraging,” she says.

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