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Doctors were worried about her health and the constant morning sickness she was experiencing.

They ordered that she spend the next few weeks in bed at her home, but she was then transferred to hospital for a further 3 weeks of bed rest.

If ever there was a moment that sums up the word bittersweet, this would be it.

Matt was torn between the elation he felt at welcoming his new daughter into the world, who was alive and well, and the utter devastation he felt at losing his wife.

Liz had to have an emergency C-section, and as with any premature babies, their new daughter was rushed off to intensive care.

Matt posted an update on his blog announcing the arrival of their baby and her name, “Madeline is here!

Look forward to even more good news.” Except, there was no more good news…Matt posted regular updates on the couple’s blog, to keep friends and family informed of Liz’s progress – and the progress of their little one, of course.On March 24, 2008, their new arrival came into the world, 7 weeks early!However, this guy found one pretty unique way to cope…Matt met Liz Goodman during both of their high school senior years, at an area gas station.


Soon it would be Matt, Liz and their new bundle of joy. Something that would shatter their worlds and change the course of history forever.

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