Dating younger girl illegal

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Dating younger girl illegal

__________________ NOT part of the "I don't read posts but reply anyway" army An-i-me: n. Someone being 17 1/2 does not make them any less attractive then when they turn 18.

The Legal Way To Beat Off To An 8 Year Old Plus there are thousands of Genmay secretaries to correct my grammar and spelling. Cool people are cool people regardless of their age.

so when i found out they were hooking up, it wasnt really a shocker... ) I'd imagine its a little different if the girl is older.. So when you are a Jr in highschool and shes a Soph you guys start to date.As a man, you’re programmed over millions of years of selection to be attracted to young women, with their budding breasts and widening hips.And most men, regardless of their age, are exclusively attracted to younger women.This is completely ignorant, not to mention totally off topic from what I am asking here. Anyone have any webpages or information about going to a state with a lower AOC and if that is legal?Been googling for a bit and havent had any luck finding anything, but having a house in vegas makes this a real possibility if its a way to get around the law..

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GG.i know i kid who dates (well, im sure its kept under wraps) this girl...

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