Dating sim games like my candy love gumtree cape town dating

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Dating sim games like my candy love

But before going to bed it will collect some sweets. Help her get ready for a hot date in the evening, but be careful that nobody notices you slacking off! Practice your creativity with Moana and complete an entire coloring book! Build your own ranch, crop oranges, plant new trees and sell your harvest to become a real orange farmer. Watch the combination given and tap the steps in the same order. Friday at the office: temp Carol is bored and can't wait for the day to be over.Be careful of the rotten fruits and don't make them sick.

Don't let Baby Hazel cry and help her with renovation for the Christmas season.It's nap time, and Baby Hazel's mother is leaving the house so that she can shop for groceries.Before she leaves, she'll put Baby Hazel to bed so that she doesn't cause any trouble in her mother'...After studying hard and acing her medical exams, Sarah has fi... Her parents are close to selling the farm and about to move out, allowin...Baby Elsa was ice skating with her little sister when she accidentally went too fast and crashed into a thorn bush.

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Now she's covered in scrapes and bruises, and will need to visit the doctor to g...