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Dating regeln europa

The previous Regulation, adopted in 2004, initiated the integration of rules on official controls.

Rigid, inflexible rules are revoked and a more integrated IT system will allow control authorities a more modern approach to tracking trade practices.

They would provide EU countries with up-to-date, reliable technical data and research findings to assist with the effective performance of their control tasks.

The Regulation requires that EU Reference Centres for animal welfare are established which will assist EU countries in their official controls by carrying out scientific and technical studies, conducting training courses and disseminating research findings and information on technical innovations.

Official controls, undertaken by competent authorities in each Member State, serve to check whether these rules are correctly implemented. They will provide a single framework for all official controls along the agri-food chain.

Businesses and authorities will benefit from reduced administrative burdens, more efficient processes and strengthened controls.

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BCPs will have to comply with common requirements to ensure efficient and effective official controls. Consequently, e-commerce must be part of official controls.

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