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Individual users of KAT while it existed likely don’t have much to fear in terms of criminal liability.It’s very hard to prove direct infringement in the context of a torrent site, Rothken says.It will not slow down or negatively affect your device or user experience in any way.This will help us keep running the website AND you can continue enjoying our website ad-free!

“They’re just linking information.” He points to a case like MGM Studios vs Grokster, in which the Supreme Court held that peer-to-peer file-sharing companies could be sued for any infringement that happens under their auspices.“One infringes contributorily by intentionally inducing or encouraging direct infringement, and infringes vicariously by profiting from direct infringement while declining to exercise the right to stop or limit it,” wrote since-retired Justice David Souter in a unanimous opinion.Law enforcement used a warrant to obtain an email and IP address associated with Vaulin that showed up in multiple i Tunes purchases, and was used to log into the official KAT Facebook account.That, combined with a Whois and Go Daddy search, a financial trail, and messages that identified Vaulin’s known alias as “KAT’s purported ‘Owner,’" left investigators with little doubt as to his role in the site.It’s still large enough, though, to have made KAT a very big business, according to the criminal complaint [PDF] that the Department of Justice filed yesterday.In that report, the feds allege that KAT is the 69th most-visited site on the Internet, with over 50 million unique visitors each month.

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If convicted, he faces a maximum sentences of five years in prison for each count of criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, along with 20 years for conspiracy to commit money laundering.