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One summer morning in Verona, Italy, a longstanding feud between the Montague and the Capulet clans breaks out in a street brawl.The brawl is broken up by the Prince, who warns both families that any future violence between them will result in harsh consequences.Romeo then secretly spends his wedding night together with Juliet and the couple consummate their marriage before Romeo flees.Juliet's father and mother, unaware of their daughter's secret marriage, have arranged for Juliet to marry wealthy Count Paris.In despair, Romeo goes to Juliet's tomb and kills himself by drinking poison.Soon afterwards, Juliet awakens and discovers her husband dead.Juliet pleads with her parents to postpone the marriage, but they refuse and threaten to disown her.Juliet seeks out Friar Laurence for help, hoping to escape her arranged marriage to Paris and remain faithful to Romeo.

Several critics also welcomed the film enthusiastically.Enraged over his friend's death, Romeo retaliates by fighting Tybalt and killing him.Romeo is subsequently punished by the Prince with banishment from Verona, with the threat of death if he ever returns."Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet" The film's love theme was widely disseminated, notably in "Our Tune", a segment of BBC disc jockey Simon Bates's radio show.In addition, various versions of the theme have been recorded and released, including a highly successful one by Henry Mancini, whose instrumental rendition was a Number One success in the United States during June 1969.

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That night, two teenagers of the two families — Romeo and Juliet — meet at a Capulet masked ball and become deeply infatuated.

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