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The Potomac Special was cut back to a 73-mile (117 km) commuter-based Washington-Martinsburg trip, the Blue Ridge, on May 7, 1973.In early 1974, the B&O threatened to discontinue its remaining unsubsidized commuter services, citing heavy losses.Local service north of Baltimore on the PRR ended around 1964.Passenger rail service declined from a variety of factors (particularly the advent of the automobile) in the mid 20th century, even as commuting from suburban locations to urban business districts remained common.On March 1, 1974, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) began a 50% subsidy of the B&O's Washington-Brunswick and Washington-Baltimore service – the first state-sponsored commuter rail service to Washington.Later in the decade, West Virginia began to fund the B&O shuttles between Brunswick and Martinsburg; the shuttles were soon incorporated as extensions of Brunswick service in order to secure Urban Mass Transportation Administration subsidies.The B&O's main line was extended to Frederick Junction (with a branch to Frederick) in 1831, to Point of Rocks in 1832, to Brunswick and Harpers Ferry in 1834, and Martinsburg in 1842.

The Penn Line is the only line that operates on weekends.

The Camden Line is a 39 mi (63 km) line that runs on CSX-owned tracks between Washington, D. The B&O first began service over portions of this route in 1830, making it one of the oldest passenger rail lines in the U. C., and Perryville, Maryland, via Baltimore Penn Station.

It is the fastest commuter rail line in North America, with equipment capable of operating at speeds up to 125 miles per hour (201 km/h).

All B&O passenger service between Baltimore and Philadelphia ended in 1958; local service from Washington was curtailed to Camden Station.

The B&O continued to offer local service to Brunswick plus long-distance service, while the PRR operated a mix of local, intercity, and long-distance service on the Northeast Corridor.

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MDOT began paying Amtrak to run the ex-PRR Washington-Baltimore service.

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