Dating more than one guy at once

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I have clients who have gently said, “I’m looking for a committed relationship. ” This way, you let him come to the conclusion of getting to exclusivity on his own. If that doesn’t work – he might not be the right guy and just not ready for a monogamous relationship. A lot depends on your emotional makeup and strength.Other men are still approaching me online and asking me out. Any of these approaches can work to help you not jump in the sack before you are ready mentally.I really enjoyed the teleclass about how Patti found love. I wish you had a chance to talk about sleeping together and how you handle it when you’re dating multiple people. Dear Good Girl, Glad you could make it to the teleclass Patti Found Love and You Can Too!When it’s a few months in – are people having sex with multiple partners when dating more than one person? This is a great question and would have been good for the Q & A portion of the call.

That’s a sure sign he’s not serious about finding love, never mind about you.

For the most part, I doubt a lot of single women over 40 are sleeping with multiple partners.

I have three methods to help you handle this big question of what is the right time for sleeping together. I think they are holding off before sleeping together.

Now I realize that it’s not easy to wait, but it sure makes things easier emotionally.

When you take your time before sleeping together, you give yourself a chance to get to know a man without your hormones (oxcytocin) kicking in and clouding your judgement.

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That way you keep the emotional attachment from happening prematurely before you know if a man has real compatibility and long-term potential.