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Even Rudder knows the #LOLSixers are awful this year Rudder says OKCupid doesn’t track closely trends in individual cities, so he couldn’t share anything Philly-centric.

He was, however, willing to venture what Philly sports teams OKCupid members were likely chatting about in their messages.

How to fix this: Spin it on its head and give the headline more importance.

Rather than saying Long story short, she was receiving a lot of messages from men who expressed their disdain at her choice for wanting to identify as a feminist.

TBH, he probably wouldn’t have rated too high on his dating site’s 1-to-5 star rating system.

Or, who knows, maybe tons of people would have considered his fashion skills far superior to the standard business look.

The people who are rated high see more pictures of people who are also rated high.

His hair was matted and messy, like he hadn’t showered.You follow their advice, only to realize that not only are people not responding to your messages, they’re not even opening them.What is the point crafting a well-thought out message if it doesn’t get opened, or worse, seen?According to research, women who send messages to men are twice as likely to receive a response compared to men who start conversations.We men love to complain about how women have extraordinarily high standards when looking for a mate—however, we fail to look a little bit deeper at why this is the case.

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“I’m sure people talk about the Phillies, the Eagles and the Flyers more than people in New York.