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Dating ehx pedals

It is a fact that, with vintage items, there are going to be times when gear arrives in need of some adjustment or calibration, and some times a piece of gear that was working 100% just chooses the day after arriving for a new fault to develop.

However, having been working with sensitive vintage gear for many years, we are very experienced at dealing with these occurrences and will always work with you and get the problem solved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

It can be powered by 9v battery (new Duracell Procell fitted) or EH power supply (not included - or tested with a power supply, but it works perfectly with a 9v battery).

Or just contact us and we'll tell you what you need to know.

all the items out all together this will be calculated automatically at checkout.

However, if you make an order and then wish to add to it before it ships please get in touch and we will refund the shipping on the item(s) that are cheaper to ship. If you want to use this option either get in touch before you purchase, or contact us afterwards and we will just refund you the shipping.

It's in the best condition we've ever seen for such an early one; there are only very minor scuffs and scratches for a vintage EH pedal.

It is in excellent working order and sounds great - with that vintage 'crunchy' sound that's so sought-after.

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