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He feels good when he hugs you because he’s in love with you.A good hug that lasts more than just a few seconds releases feel-good chemicals in your body, and even if your boyfriend doesn’t know this fact, his mind can feel it.

And if you ever have something big to work on, he’s always around to help you or at least assist you. If a guy loves you, he’d change his habits and his lifestyle just to spend more time with you.

Does he grumble about the dirt and the thorns while helping you weed your garden on a Sunday afternoon? [Read: How to make your man really happy in 20 different ways] #4 Together time matters to him. He’ll go out of his way to be nice to your friends and family so he can make a good impression on them, even if it’s only because he knows that’ll make you more happy.

He spends a lot of time with you, perhaps even more time than he spends with his friends. [Read: 10 perfect things your boyfriend would love to talk about with you] #6 He bridges the personal space.

[Read: 12 real signs of true love in every relationship] Does he love me?

– Decoding the signs When two people first fall in love and experience the high of infatuation, all either of you would want to do is please the other person or shower them with little acts of love and romance.

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He’d even be willing to miss a game or his favorite movie *and he won’t even whine about it* just to help you with a project or to listen to you when you have a shitty day!

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