Dating daniel

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Dating daniel

Clues within the text that either support or betray its legitimacy, etc. For if the book was someones fraudulent invention, he would have naturally used just one language for the sake of those who were trying to read.The author may have considered it so important to put forward the exact facts and words of the various kings that he refused to translate them into his native language.Accuracy of the book itself in describing the events of a period.The claims the book itself may make about its dating and whether those claims seem legitimate.The Aramaic clearly belongs to the time period the book itself claims.This is supported by Wilson: This Aramaic is almost exactly the same as that which is found in portions of Ezra.

He also states We claim, however, that the composite Aramaic of Daniel agrees in almost every particular of orthography, etymology and syntax, with the Aramaic of the North Semitic inscriptions of the 9th, 8th and 7th centuries BC and of the Egyptian papyri of the 5th century BC, and that the vocabulary of Daniel has an admixture of Hebrew, Babylonian and Persian words similar to that of the papyri of the 5th century BC; whereas, it differs in composition from the Aramaic of the Nabateans, which is devoid of Persian, Hebrew, and Babylonian words, and is full of Arabisms, and also from that of the Palmyrenes, which is full of Greek words, while having but one or two Persian words, and no Hebrew or Babylonian.Scholars widely agree that the Hebrew sections were indeed written originally in Hebrew.When the Israelites officially canonized the scriptures of the Hebrew Bible in the first century AD, it was insisted that only books originally written in Hebrew (or Aramaic) would be accepted and books originally written in Greek were deliberately rejected.536 date for the final writing, however the Hebrew in and of itself is not sufficiently indicative of a specific date to help in the dispute about dating the book.More important in dating the Hebrew sections are the loan words found in the Hebrew sections, the connection of the Hebrew to the Aramaic section and other non-linguistic indicators found within the Hebrew sections.

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