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The reason for lighting the candles is to ensure that there is light in the house for Shabbat.

Once light has been established by the mother’s candles, there seems to be no Mitzvah need for the daughter’s candles.

We need to ask ourselves, Is this the most efficient use of an extra soul? Lighting with olive oil is highly regarded because of the intense light it produces. Candlelight evokes a soul connection between people, which creates real peace in the home. The light of Shabbat answers, For an eternity of light, warmth, and closeness to our loving God. T., Aish Ha Torah's College for Women in Jerusalem.

I once heard it said that it's much easier to overcome internal conflicts on Shabbat than all week, because during the week the odds are one against one -- one body versus one soul. The candles draw us to each other, and they draw us to God. Be dressed in beautiful clothes at candle lighting time and, of course, be on time (18 minutes before sunset on Friday afternoon). Shabbat reminds us that there was a creation and a Creator. Shabbat is the goal of the week, not merely a rest stop to prepare for the coming week. " It's like a bride counting the days to her wedding -- not because the wedding will mark the end of her preparations, but because it is the goal. On Shabbat, all difficulties of the previous week change into a new reality. She has been a world-renowned lecturer for over three decades and has helped thousands of women to grow and maximize their potential to greatness.

But on Shabbat, it is two against one -- two souls versus one body. It's the candles -- they draw people together on a soul level. Prepare, think, and be focused on this great experience. To help her children fulfill their potential, a woman should feel tremendous happiness when lighting her Shabbat candles. They pay high tuition for the best schools; give them extracurricular activities, hobbies, and vacations to stimulate their minds and strengthen their bodies; feed them good, healthy meals; and buy them fine clothes. Just as Shabbat comes after six days of work, our ultimate connection to God comes in the World to Come -- after years and years of work! In truth, we work all week long for this day of pleasure. On Shabbat, all pain changes into beautiful, new challenges. My wonderful kallah and Aishes Chayil thank you very much for this inspiring article.

On Shabbat we have a real chance to be more in control. It goes beyond eating a meal together -- that's mundane, that's physical. Yet Jewish sources tell us that one of the most important things we can do for our children is to be careful and happy when lighting Shabbat candles. People enjoy the Shabbat food more with the added light. There is even a tradition to count the days in anticipation of Shabbat. May we light the candles joyfully, carefully, and happily until the world is lit completely with the lights of Shabbat. What is very inpressive is the part "The Light Of The Soul".

Rather, its about two humans connecting on a deep, spiritual level. This is our investment for meriting good, wise, and spiritually fulfilled Jewish children. Reprinted with permission from "JEWISH WOMEN SPEAK ABOUT JEWISH MATTERS" - . We are learning The book of SHIR HASHIRIM with the commentary by the Torah Anthology, what a wonderful way this is describing what you wrote there.

Again we like the whole article, and we highly recommend everyone to learn this wonderful commentary.

During the rest of the week, one soul is powerful enough to receive the available holiness. Light was created on the first day, and the Torah says, "It was good." It is a woman's mitzvah to light the Shabbat candles.The Shabbat candles usher in the holy day of Shabbat.Along with Klall YISROEL, may you be blessed with a Kasivah v'Chasimah Tova,in Eretz Yisroel before Rosha Shona with Mashiach.Miriam and Yaacov Berger After many, many years of not lighting candles on the Sabbath, I started to do so every Friday night, and I have felt closer to G-d ever since I have started to do so.

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Thus those little candle lights direct us to a much greater light, the light of Shabbat. Shabbat is the Day of the Candles, the Day of Light, the day when we clearly see our purpose in this world. The soul itself is called a candle -- the candle of God. It infuses spirituality into the body and into all materialism. Without Shabbat, the world is a body without a soul.