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Dating a vintage fender amp

The next one or two numbers are the month where January is 1 and December is 12. Example: AB763 = second revision, July, 1963 AA1070 = First revision, October, 1970 Misc Dating Info: Silver face amps with the aluminum trimmed grilles are from 67 or 69.

So if you find pots from late 68 and transformers from early 69 you can be pretty sure your amp is a 1969.

Fender installed casters on some larger amps and cabs beginning in 72.

Some things are very obvious such as non-original or reconed speakers, non-original transformers, replaced pots, re-tweed, re-tolex, re-grill, etc.

and these changes are often disclosed and of a non-malicious nature.

Other things to look for include chasses placed in cabinets from a different year, “doctored” tube charts, non-original control plates (usually reproductions) on silverface amps, original transformer bell ends (they have correct date codes, of course) on non-original transformers, and non-original knobs (either repro or silverface knobs on blackface amps).unusual things can be found such as the empty “Pulse Adjust” hole on the rear of early ’60 brown amps, the “middle” volume control, use of tweed style grill cloth, strange non-documented transitional circuits, and changes in tolex color including the super-rare cream colored “brown” tolex that is found on some late ’60 amps. Given that people may refer to this information seeking specific production quantities of amps they are curious about, it should be pointed out that the serial numbers apply to chassis types, and not specifically to amplifier models.

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The raised “Fender” grille logo lost its tail around 76.

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