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very sparingly I have used all the gears and the pto, today I plan to return to the ranch and re-mount the mower. Peter, Your tracks are coming off because either your bushings, pins or drive sprockets are worn. Look at your Sprockets, does the right side of your teeth, if the tooth is at 12 o clock have a larger radius than the left that is the side that drives the crawler forward. Your tracks have a pin and a bushing between each link.

Lower field is getting really tall and I am in love with the thought of mowing that field. from properly working the ranch Just thought I would add my story so far, to those already here. Idealy, the bushings take the wear and are replaced before there is damage to the sprockets.

Thanks It s a long shot, David James you wrote on Tuesday, October 02, 2007 PDT I have a friend in New Zealand,who buried her fathers samson tractor,and i know where it is, it has been underground for around 40 years dose anyone one think if it is salvagable.

Make contact mt email -- munga at nz cheers Wanting to sell a 1947 Oliver 60 gasoline row crop. I need help Not sure how many implements there are to go with it, but need to know what it is worth.Yes is does run..

I am currently living in Minneapolis but my Grandfather started his farm in Manitoba and my father currently farms in Saskatchewan.

My father is in the process of selling his farm and his father s my grandpa s tractor was a 1939 Farmall B which he still has.

I am not an expert on tractors but will send picture upon request.

My husband loved this tractor and would like for it to go to someone that like this style of tractor.

The tractor is missing some sheet metal sidecovers and battery cover aside from that what an amazing machine..

it drinks gasoline like a survival nut drinks water in the desert. We take them to local shows and the attention they grab is astoshing! if the tracks stay on that is because there is less use and thus less wear in reverse over time.

You could be killed outright with a bad impulse on an old Du4 or a Du2.

You can replace these with the new MFR or a MJA-c American Bosch magneto.

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THANK YOU MH for giving my life yet another amazing experience. once the bushings wear out the sprockets contact the pins and both start to wear, .