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Cupid one dating

They’ve been in a vicious circle of losing (active) users and removing features that drive more users away. It seems Ok Cupid has a preternatural aversion to admitting they’re wrong.What was once a great and fun site is now a featureless ghost town. They keep citing their “research” (that they won’t actually make public other than self-referencing the supposed results) but ignore the FACT that well over 90 percent of the hundreds of responses to their blog announcement of removing visitors were clearly vehemently opposed to it. Even if they did have “research” which showed this was a good idea (which I’m dubious of – this is a site that has admired to manipulating users before as a big social experiment, they’re certainly not above lying) the fact is that research was wrong.I am very disappointed and their is nothing they can do until they let us see our messages and old bookmarks. I do dislike you can’t see a profile once you message them because sometimes I forget to bookmark This was once the best dating site around, but since it was bought by the giant Match conglomerate, they’ve gradually stripped away all the useful features.

In other words, 90% of the girls you meet on have slim bodies and big butts and boobs.

NO ONE likes this change and they just won’t listen or even acknowledge the overwhelming majority of users who hate their recent changes. Our tests showed removing visitors boosted messaging, and we hope everyone will benefit.

Read more: Kw Sn P If this was the only reason you bought A list, write to [email protected] billing.

Our tests showed removing visitors boosted messaging, and we hope everyone will benefit.

I sent the same message to 60 stunning girls on Dominican Cupid and 47 of them replied.

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