Coffee and bagel dating Hongkong sex online aunties for chatting for scheduling sex

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Coffee and bagel dating

These are known as "Icebreakers" - once new members are connected, they will be shown the icebreakers in the chat to encourage flow of conversation.

The profile information is more detailed than other popular dating apps, and is good as a starting point for users to chat with each other. CMB admit themselves that there have been fraudsters known to put a high level of education on their profile (e.g.

If you want to play matchmaker, you can recommend a match to a friend and give that match through the clicking of the arrow icon.

Do make sure to take action immediately if you're interested, as Discover matches get refreshed everyday at noon!

In a survey conducted among worldwide Coffee Meets Bagel users, the men stated that the traits they look for the most are physical attraction, common interest, and intellect, in that order.

For the women, the traits they looks for are physical attraction, intellect, and age. If the number of men who liked their photo do not reach 6, Coffee Meets Bagel will still find potential quality matches to offer.

The first thing they look for in a city is a large population, especially among 21 to 35 year olds.

With this selectivity, their target demographic seems to be young professionals.

The welcome page was clearly made for wide-screens.

#Ladies Choice ensures that your potential matches are already more familiar to you (compared to other dating apps) and gives you the opportunity to create more meaningful relationships.

Although the founders are extremely private about their userbase, they have reportedly gained 21 million users in both New York and Hong Kong.

The Give feature lets you be the matchmaker for your friends.

Giving a past Daily match or any of your Discover matches to your friends means they will receive him/her as a match.

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Among the men who expressed interest, CMB curates the best potential matches for women.

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