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For many Identity groups this imagined half-devil line of Cain is the Jewish race.Pastor Arnold Murray, an Identity preacher from Gravette, Arkansas, calls them “Kenites” (an Old Testament people he identifies as “Cainites”) and believes they were associated with Judah until they took over leadership of that tribe. Pastor Murray teaches that calling the Jews the chosen people of God is the gravest of sins.One article by the Associated Press states that “violent acts perpetrated by far-right German extremists rose from 270 in 1990 to 1,483 last year, mostly attacks on foreigners.”Not understanding the violent and racist nature of Identity, Christians sometimes connect with this movement because of Identity’s espousal of issues such as right-to-life and anti-Communism.

Finally, it is the moral duty of Christians to stand against the evil intent of this form of white supremacist teaching.

Christian Identity adherentsbelieve all but the white race are inferior creations.

Christian Identity’s religious views are bizarre and occultic, and their view of history is often informed by conspiracy theories.

This is the reason for the name Identity — they are convinced they know their true identity.

They believe they are members of the supposed ten lost tribes of Israel.

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CHRISTIAN IDENTITY- Summary “Christian Identity” is the name of a religious movement uniting many of the white supremacist groups in the United States.

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